Toddler Red Suit

Toddler Red Suit

Toddler suitUsually when you read our recommendation article for kids suits you would see us suggest colorful looks since that is the way the kids should be dressed. But there are some events where there is a certain dress code to be followed and these would not involve colors. While taking the child along for these events you would need a simple and formal style which would get the child through the event and we suggest toddler red suits. Red is indeed a neutral shade and involved in our everyday work lives. Thus it is mostly considered to be boring but there are ways to make anything interesting and red suits aren’t exception to that.

First of all most people does not seem to have the realization that there are a lot more shades in red than Charcoal grey (even after 50 shades of grey had come out). You are allowed to try out the different shades of red suit outfits especially for the children. Do not restrict yourself to the charcoal red suits since there is a host of other things that you can explore. Think of the event you are attending. The nature of the event and the dress code if mentioned would help you determine the suitable outfit for you.

 red suitFor example if it is a serious event and there is a black tie dress code in place then you have no other option than to choose toddler charcoal red suits especially if you don’t want your child ti wear a tuxedo. On the other hand if it is a summer event then you can try going with the lighter shade of red suits. Thus gauge the type of event before you make the pick for your child.

While choosing the toddler red color suit make sure to check some details especially since you are purchasing for the children. For example the children have sensitive skin and thus might not tolerate synthetic fabrics. Natural fabric clothing are always recommended for the children even if the pricing is a little high. Wool toddler red suits are the ones that are most preferred for the children but if it is a summer event then make sure to go with the lightweight styles. Cotton toddler red suits are the most common pick but you can also choose to go with toddler red linen suits. These are breathable fabrics which would help your children stay comfortable throughout the event.

 suitOnce you have selected the red toddler suit the next thing that you will have to do is to think about the styling. Apart from the classic styling of the grey suit there are various other ways to style the outfit. You can also try adding casual garments to the outfit if the event is more casual. Make sure to go explore the options instead of settling with the one that is the easiest. Here we provide you with some ways of styling the red suit. Hope you gain some ideas from it.

Celebrities are perfect examples to look at while searching for inspiration about any outfit. Be it basic black tuxedos or the atrocious orange suit there is not a style that hasn’t been tried by the celebrities. Thus you can look to these examples in the web for the do’s and don't of the outfit styles.

Starting with the most formal styles we would suggest you to go with David Beckham’s outfit for your child if you are styling him to a formal black tie event. For an event that the former football player attended the man was sporting a 3 piece Charcoal red suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and Charcoal grey tie. While this is the classic outfit which you might be tempted to finish off with a pair of black leather oxford shoes David infused his own style by adding a pair of cognac leather dress shoes. This 3 piece look gives out a formal look and for the children you can even try out the toddler 5 piece button red suit if the event is important enough. If you like to infuse your own touch to the outfit then you can choose to style the toddler 2 button silver suit with a white dress shirt, a red tie, a black vest and a black print pocket square. The contrast between the suit and the vest gives the outfit an interesting look.

Toddler red Now if the event is scheduled to happen in summer or spring then lighter shades a of red suits would work. For example you can style your child in a silver red business suit like Gerard butler did for an opening event that he attended. The 300 star looked incredibly handsome in the light red dress suit that he wore with a white dress shirt and a mid grey skinny tie. He perfectly completed the look with a pair of black leather formal shoes. This is the easiest style you can let your child wear for a summer event. If you want to tweak the look a little and travel on the casual side then we would suggest you to try Chris Hems worth’s style. For an event that he attended the Thor star was wearing a red peak lapel suit which he paired with a black long sleeve shirt. This is a cool style to try if you are bored with the usual white dress shirt looks.

While you go with the light red toddler suits you can also try including patterns. Toddler red Pinstripe suits are the easiest to start with but if you want a noticeable style then we would suggest you to go with red checkered suits. Whichever the style you go with make sure that the fit of it is perfect. For example if your child is slim then you can try red skinny graduation suits but if he is slightly on the bigger side then you can try the red husky toddler suits.