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Mens Black 2 Buttons Shiny Slim Fit Suit Metallic Tuxedo Flat Front Pant
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Color:Black Jacket Lapels: Shawl Lapel Buttons: 2 Material: Poly/Rayon/Spandex Blend Pattern: Solid Fit & Sizes: Toddler Slim Fit (2 - 18) Condition: Brand new with original tags & packaging SKU#BS2236 This 5-piece set includes the jacket, pants, shirt, vest and...


Toddler Slim Fit Tuxedo

Toddler tuxedoWe all know that the tuxedos are the most formal garments and would be the first choice when you need to look great. This is the same for the toddlers and there are events where you can dress up the child in the tuxedos. There are many details that make up the tuxedos to be the best but one of the most important thing to note is the fit of the garment. Usually the parents make a mistake of going with a tuxedo that is too big for the children but know that the bigger tuxedos can also make the child feel uncomfortable. Thus we recommend you to choose toddler slim fit tuxedo when possible since it is the most preferred fit.

Slim fit tuxedos would perfectly fit your child since the fit works for almost all body types. The slim fit tuxedos use a lesser amount of fabric than the bigger fits and thus the price involved is lesser. The toddler tuxedos are available in different styles and depending on your need you can choose the style that suits you. While you are looking for the slim fit tuxedos it would also be best if you let your child try out the style before you buy it. Make sure that the child feels comfortable in it while they also look good in it. Even a cheap garment looks great when the fit is perfect. Even if the tuxedo fit is not perfect while you are buying it you can later take it to your tailor to make some tweaks on it.

slim fit tuxedoAs for the styling of the fit tuxedos usually people go with the formal styling of the garment. But you can also choose to go with the casual styling of the tuxedos since the style seems to be becoming popular in the recent times. While emphasizing the importance of the fit of the tuxedo we would like to provide some examples on how the perfect fit results in the cool look. Usually we spot the impressive tuxedo outfits in the award events with our celebrities rocking these outfits. We are providing you with some of the cool celebrity tuxedo outfits that can provide you with an idea for the styling of your child’s outfit.

Brad Pitt

If you are looking for a simple and classic style that is easy to put together and also to pull off then you should borrow the Oscars look of Brad Pitt. For the 2009 Oscars event which he attended with Angelina Jolie he was spotted wearing a black slimfit tuxedo suit which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black cummerbund. To stun with the outfit he added a pair of black patent leather oxford shoes and a perfectly styled hair. Angelina Jolie complemented his outfit with a simple yet elegant black gown. This is the most standard look that would work for even the black tie events. If you are taking your child for a church wedding and he has a duty like being the ring bearer or such then this is the appropriate look.

Bradley Cooper

If you think that the black tuxedo is too simple and boring then you can add some color to the outfit. While choosing an interesting look but want to look appropriate for the event you can choose to go with Bradley Cooper’s 2012 vanity fair Oscar party outfit. For the event the man looked dapper in the midnight blue 1 button closure slimfit tuxedo paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. Midnight blue tuxedo is quite common for the formal events but the actor added his own touch by going with the tuxedo jacket with black lapel. This style of black shawl collar slimfit tuxedo jacket is a cool choice to make since the contrast give a more interesting look.

Channing Tatum

fit tuxedoIf you want your child to look like a million bucks then you should choose Channing Tatum’s 2013 Oscars outfit. The man always looks great but he was especially noteworthy in the navy 3 piece slimfit tuxedo that he paired with the white tuxedo shirt, black butterfly bow tie and a black vest. A simple hairstyle along with a pair of black leather formal shoes would be great way to finish off the look. If you are looking for a formal toddler slimfit tuxedo outfit then this should be your pick. While the usual style is to go with the matching vest you can also choose to go with the contrasting looks like a black vest. You can complement the style with a black velvet bow tie.

Chris Pine

If you are a person who likes to try out new styles instead of choosing the most preferred styles then you would definitely love Chris Pine’s 2013 Oscar party outfit. Single breasted tuxedos are the ones that most choose but Chris Pine chose his own path for his Oscar outfit by choosing a double breasted black tuxedo. If you choose this style then you should style the black double breasted boys slimfit tuxedo suit with a white tuxedo shirt and then a pair of black patent tuxedo shoes. This would be a cool outfit for the groom looking for slimfit wedding tuxedo too since you want to stand out from the rest of the people.

Jamie Foxx

On the other hand if you are bored with the standard styles and want to introduce something new to your child’s look you can go with Jamie Foxx’s 2013 Vanity fair Oscar party outfit. For the event the Annie actor looked stylish in the grey tuxedo that he paired with a black tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. If you love this look you can choose to go with the contemporary look of all black slimfit tuxedo outfit or such. This would be a great choice for the teenagers looking for the stylish and trendy looks for slimfit graduation tuxedos and such.