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Kids Sizes Toddler Black/Red Plaid ~ Windowpane Pattern Vested Suit Perfect For kids wedding outfits 3 Peice Matching Shirt & Tie
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Single Breasted 3 Button Vest Notch Lapel One Chest Pocket Flap Front Pockets 3 Piece Modern Fit Flat Front Pants Matching Shirt & Tie Material: Plaid ~ Windowpane Pattern Color: Black/Red SKU#GD1520


Kids Polka Dot Suit

Single Breasted Grey Black Suit
Have you seen the suicide squad already? The satirical superhero film consists of an ensemble of superheroes with unexpected powers. You might have seen the polka dots being turned into a superpower in the film. Much like in the film, when chosen and styled right polka dot suits would also be a superpower for your fashion game. Usually we do not take the risk and go with the solid suits. Patterns are very hard to come by when it comes to mens fashion. But when it comes to children, they can pull off any styles. Hence today we suggest you to choose kids polka dot suitsfor your child.
Polka dots are undoubtedly classic patterns which are even today very popular both in menswear and womenswear. The polka dot suits depending on the style can work for both formal and casual outfits. We as adults are used to the subtle and usual clothing styles. We mostly avoid patterns and even if you have to, we stop with stripes or plaids. But kids are a whole another story since their fashion choices are still in the developing stage. There is no reason for you to make them choose the subtle and dreary adult styles. Instead let them explore their choices and form their own opinions.

History of polka dots

black red polk dot suit
Dots on the suits and other clothing? How did this simple style become one of the most preferred patterns in fashion? We were also quite curious about the same and hence searched for the backstory.
In the history of western fashion, the polka dots were initially avoided by the people since it reminded them of the skin diseases like leprosy and plague. But by the start of the 18th century things changed for polka dots. People greatly preferred the style and it picked up in popularity. By the start of the 19th century there was the polka dance craze and these dotted dresses were named after the phenomenon in an attempt to capitalize on the mania.
The polka dot gained steady popularity with time and soon they were found on almost all garments. While it started with the small accessories like the ties, scarves and pocket squares soon it started appearing on the shirts and even suits. Prominent personalities like Winston Churchill started sporting the style and it reached a new level of popularity.

While choosing the polka dot suits for kids, there are few considerations that you should keep in mind. Consider the type of event and the venue it is happening. This would give you an idea of which type of look will be the best. Before going into the choosing of the styles of the polka dot suits there are few basic things to be clear of.
The fabric of the kids polka dot suits is one of the most important things to note. The children are mostly used to the casual outfits and thus suits might provide them with a different kind of feel. Hence make sure to always go with the most comfortable choice of the fabric or there might be a chance of your child being cranky all the day or just outright demand to get out the suit.

Single Breasted Black White Suit
Wool polka dot formal suits would be a great way to start with the look. But if it is a summer or spring event, go with the lightweight choices since they save the children from sweating too much. Our recommendation for you would be to avoid choosing the synthetic fabric shiny polka dot suits since they can cause allergies for the children. Also pay attention in getting the right fit of the suits. Designer polka dot suits are recommended but you can also choose the cheaper readymade styles. Whatever the choice maybe, make sure that your child is comfortable wearing the polka dot outfits.
As for choosing the right style of the polka dot suits costume, here are some things to note. When it is a formal style, it would be best if you keep it subtle. For example, think that you are getting the outfit to be worn for a church wedding. In that case, we would suggest you to pick the polka dot designer suits with the smaller dots on them. The smaller dots placed closely give the garment a subtle look and can even make it look like a solid style when viewed from the distance. Even better would be to choose the dark colored suits like the navy polka dot dress suits or the charcoal grey polka dot kids suits.
Black Windowpane Suit
While choosing the color of the suit, make sure that you check the color of the polka dots on them. If you are looking for best polka dot outfits that can worn for the formal events then it would be best for you to choose the ones that have polka dots that blend in with the outfit. For example, black polka dots on navy suit easily blends in while the black polka dots on a beige suit would stand out. Thus think about the type of look that you prefer and then make the choice.
If you are convinced about your child flaunting polka dot suits then check out the polka dot suits on sale in nearby stores. You can also purchase the polka dot suits online since it offers much more options than visiting the store. As we have mentioned before, it isn’t important for the children to be too conscious with their outfits. Hence let loose a little and try going with the flashy style polka dot suits if the nature of the event allows. Check out the polka dot trend suits and choose the one that would fulfil your needs. You can also choose the iconic style polka dot suits in lighter and brighter colors which we wouldn’t choose for us. The more options that you offer the child in the early age, the better would be their fashion knowledge as they grow up.