Toddler Navy Blue Tuxedo

Toddler Navy Blue Tuxedo

Toddler tuxedoDressing up for a formal event might not be exciting for the adults since we get to do that often but the energy must be palpable if you notice a child getting ready for his first suit or tuxedo session. This innocent moment of their life should be remembered perfectly and for that you will have to get them the perfect style. Toddler navy blue tuxedos are our choice for the day since these aren’t boring like the black tuxedos and does not go unnoticed like the charcoal grey tuxedos. It is the perfect middle of the road look which would not let your child embarrassed when he sees the pictures in the future. In this article we would like to talk more on how you should make the navy blue toddler tuxedo style work for your child.

The toddler navy blue tuxedo is a cool style for your child to try out for their first formal garment. The adult mind of ours would probably be itching to get a basic black tuxedo and get it over with but trying out something different for once at least for the children might do some good though navy blue tuxedos might not classify as something new. Navy blue tuxedos have been popular in menswear for over years now and there was even a time in history when the navy blue tuxedos were preferred more over the black tuxedos. But black tuxedos regained their No.1 place but navy blue tuxedos might as well topple them over which this kind of popularity they are attaining.

 navy blue tuxedoIf you are convinced about going with the navy blue tuxedos for your child then there is the purchasing and styling to do. If this is the first formal garment for your child then instead of picking out a style online in your lunch break it is better to take your child along with you and then if possible let them choose the style. This will not only create a great memory for the child but also help them develop their own sense of fashion. Make sure to check out the details of the tuxedo thoroughly before you make the pick. For example wool boys navy blue tuxedos are preferred for the formal events but if it a simmer event then you can go with cotton boys blue tuxedos. On the other hand if you want the look to be impressive and capture the viewer’s eye on the first glance then you can choose to go with the navy blue velvet tuxedo or the silk blue tuxedos boys. Do not be hesitant to go with the slightly flashier styles since you are not shopping for yourself. The children can easily pull off the bright and flashy styles and thus you don’t have to shy away from it.

Now if you are looking for inspiration in styling the toddler navy blue tuxedo outfit for your child then here are some celebrity styles that are worth copying. It would help for you to check out these styles before you go shopping for the tuxedo.

Chris Pine

If you are looking for a formal and handsome look for the child then you should choose the navy blue tuxedo look of Chris pine. The Star Trek actor looked perfectly handsome in the navy blue mens tuxedo that he wore with the white Tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. The white pocket square along with the tuxedo pants with no break in them made the outfit even more noticeable. You can choose this look while styling the toddler tuxedo for your child. With the nicely slicked back hair your child would be ready for any formal event.

David Oyelowo

Toddler black tuxedoIf you consider the bow tie and tuxedo shirt to be too restricting for your child and would want to go with a much more casual outfit style then we would suggest you to go with David’s look. For the image awards event that he attended the Planet of the apes star looked great in the navy blue tuxedo prom that he paired with a simple white dress shirt and a white pocket square. While most people would go with the black leather oxford shoes the man opts for an interesting choice by adding with the outfit a pair of camel color who lecut formal shoes. If you are dressing your child for the summer events then this would be good outfit choice to make.

Tom Daley

The full navy blue tuxedo look would be boring for some people and in that case you can choose the navy blue dinner jacket look like Tom Daley. For the Attitude magazine awards show that he attended the star was seen wearing a navy blue tuxedo blazer with a black shawl lapel and he paired it with a white tuxedo shirt, navy blue bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. This is a cool outfit style for people who like to go with a contrasting styles of the outfits. If you are looking for an stylish outfit for your child then you can choose to style the toddler blue tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt and black pants.

Eddie Redmayne

For the golden globes award show Eddie Redmayne showed up in a black velvet tuxedo jacket with satin trim and he aired it with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. If you are looking for a cool style that would instantly turn the eyes on your child then you can choose to go with this outfit. For a summer wedding where your child is the flower boy or ring bearer you can choose to style them in the velvet navy blue tuxedo wedding since the fabric will add sophistication for the outfit. Other than this you can also go with patterned navy blue tuxedo toddler like paisley navy blue tuxedo or floral toddler tuxedo.