Toddler Khaki Suit

Toddler Khaki Suit

Toddler suitThere seems to be a color currently trending in menswear and we recommend you to try the style out for your child. Toddler khaki suits would definitely be an instant hit since khaki seems to be the color of the year. We all love to dress up our small ones for the upcoming events which he attend as a family. Having a khaki suit in the wardrobe would ensure your child looked great for these events. If you are thinking of trying out a new style for the event you should think of getting a khaki suit. We will talk more about the styling aspects which would make your job easier.

Khaki is a dark shade of red and it is often referred to as brownish crimson. Red on the whole symbolises passion and intensity. We adults usually avoid going with the red color clothing since we consider it too flashy for us. But khaki is a color that could be easily styled because of its dark shade. This is one of the reason why it has become quite popular in menswear. We have been noting increasing appearances of the khaki suits in the fashion events and such. Thus if you want to choose a trendy outfit for your child then you should think of going with the toddler khaki suit outfits.

 khaki suitUsually there are very few events where the toddlers are expected to dress up. We would let them wear suits for the special occasions like Christmas or Easter along with while attending events like family weddings. The fact that these events are very rare should be reason enough for your child to look stunning while wearing these garments. Letting them wear these styles would also develop their attraction towards the formal garments and likely to fashion.

Because of the dark shade the khaki suits could work even for the most formal events. Say that you are attending a church wedding. Most people would choose to go with the basic outfit choices like black tuxedo for these events but khaki suit would be a good break from the boring black suit style. You can simply dress up you child by styling them in a toddler 3 piece suits khaki paired with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black shoes. This would provide an elegant and sophisticated look for the child which is also appropriate for the event.

 suitIf you want the look to be more noticeable then we would recommend you to try going with the luxurious choices like toddler khaki velvet suits or the silk suits. The sheen of the material makes the outfit look rich and awesome. On the other hand if it is a summer event make sure that you go with lightweight breathable fabrics since children easily get heated. Check out the different options of the toddler khaki suits online and then select a style which impresses you.

As for styling the toddler suits you might be having some idea on what would work for your child. Most parents tend to go with the easiest choice of styling but we would suggest you to put in some thought and try out new styles. Here are some impressive celebrity khaki suit ideas which you could adopt for your child.

Zac Efron

If you are looking for a simple yet smart styling of the khaki suits then you should think of going with Zac Efron’s look. The high school musical starrer was spotted perfectly rocking a peak lapel khaki colour suit that he wore with a white dress shirt and a black tie. He cleaned up good with a nicely styled hair and a pair of black leather oxford shoes. This is the toddler khaki boys suit were would recommend if the event you are attending is formal. You can also try going with the burgundy tuxedo vested suit if the event has a dress code.

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne is arguably one of the well dressed Englishman and he proved it yet again with the khaki suit that he wore for an event. The Fantastic beasts and where to find them starrer was seen rocking a notch lapel khaki suit paired with a white dress shirt and a light blue tie. He completed the outfit with a pair of black leather oxford shoes and a light blue printed pocket square. This would be a cool outfit style to copy if you are looking for a khaki suit wedding outfit idea. You can let the child wear a bow tie for an extra cute factor.

Bradley Cooper

If you are a person who likes a little infusion of color to your outfit then you should go with Bradley Cooper’s outfit. For an event he attended the ' A star is born’ starrer was seen wearing a khaki 2 piece suit with a light blue dress shirt. He completed the outfit with black leather formal shoes. This is an outfit which could get your child through when it comes to a semi formal event. For a more casual and trendy look you can style the toddler khaki suit with a white polo and a pair of white leather low top sneakers.

Harry Styles

If you are looking for a more funky and contemporary style then you can try to include patterns and prints to the outfit. For example you can choose to go with Harry styles' outfit of styling the embroidered khaki suit with a light pink dress shirt. This is a cool style for anyone who likes to go with tonal styles. Other than this you can also go with khaki check suits when you need a little more formal patterned style. Usually people go with single breasted khaki suits but you can also choose double breasted styles. Comedian slash actor Kevin Hart was spotted wearing a double breasted khaki suit for an event which he paired with a black dress shirt.