Toddler 3 Piece Tuxedo

Toddler 3 piece tuxedoYou have an invitation to a wedding you have to attend as a family and this includes your child. While finding the right garment to wear would be challenge for yourself you will now have an added responsibility of taking care of the child’s outfit too. If you want an easy choice out then the best option you have is to get a toddler 3 piece tuxedo for your child and get it over with. It is true that the children look great in anything that they wear but a 3 piece tuxedo will take the cuteness to another level and people won’t even notice your outfit and this is an added advantage. In this article we will talk about toddler 3 piece tuxedos and the various ways in which you can style them for different events.

You already know that the tuxedo is the most formal garment that is known to men and making a tuxedo work is easy. You just have to style it with a tuxedo shirt, a bow tie, a vest and a pair of formal shoes. There isn’t any new innovation that is required with the tuxedos as is done with the casual outfits thus making it the best escape. At some point you will have to introduce your child to a formal clothing and where best than an event where your child can get a lot of compliments on his style. This will also boost the self confidence of the child and encourage him to try out the formal garments in the future without much fussing.

Toddler 3 piece tuxedoThe boys 3 piece tuxedo is the most standard style even though people are sometimes styling it as a two piece without the vest. This is not greatly recommended especially if you are attending a formal wedding or event since traditionally the waistband of the tuxedo trousers should be hidden. The tuxedo vest or a cummerbund performs this job and thus the toddler 3 piece tuxedo style is considered to be the perfect choice for the formal events. If your child is not feeling comfortable with the three piece tuxedo style then you can leave out the vest. This isn’t a thing to be too worried about since the rules don’t apply for the small ones in most cases. On the other hand you can leave out the tuxedo jacket and then go with the tuxedo vest with tuxedo shirt and pants look. This is a style that is becoming increasingly popular especially with the toddlers.

If you are convinced about choosing the toddler 3piece tuxedo then first you will have to find the right style that would suit your child. If you are shopping for the tuxedos make sure that you go through the styles available slowly instead of picking the first one at your sight. When it comes to toddler 3 piece wedding tuxedo most people would go with the black tuxedos since it is the most preferred style. But remember that you are not styling the garment for yourself but for your child. The children as mentioned before are not expected to follow the rules diligently and thus you can try other styles instead of going with the most obvious one like boys 3 piece black tuxedo.

Toddler 3 piece tuxedoFor example instead of a boring style like black tuxedo or navy tuxedo you can try something of color like royal blue toddler 3 piece tuxedo suit and such. This adds interest to your child’s outfit making him look more beautiful and cute. In recent times the burgundy toddler 3 piece tuxedo and dark green ones are also trending.

After you choose the color of the tuxedo the cummerbund or the vest matters. While you choose the toddler 3 piece tuxedo outfit you will obviously be provided with a matching vest. But if you want your child’s look to be distinct then we would suggest you to try your hand with the odd vests. For example if you are choosing to go with the burgundy tuxedo outfit then you can go with a black vest or cummerbund since the contrast in the colors would provide a cool look. If you want to take it a step further you can also choose the burgundy tuxedo jacket that comes with black lapels. This way your child’s outfit would look more coordinated with the odd vest. You can complete the look by adding with the tuxedo outfit a pair of black leather formal shoes. But if your child is too small to introduce the weight of formal shoes then you can choose to contrast the look with a pair of sneakers. The mix of formal with the casual styles would definitely work for the children but we wouldn’t dream of styling it for ourselves.

Toddler 3 piece tuxedoIf there is the need to be dressed formally like a serious church wedding then you can go with toddler 3 piece tuxedo Black but choose the ones with textures instead of the plain ones. You can even choose to go with the ones with patterns but choose the subtlety as per the nature of the event. For example the mildly textured toddler 3 piece tuxedo boys outfit would work for the formal events but this might not be the case with the 3 piece checkered tuxedo. Thus think about whether the style would be an appropriate choice for the event before making the pick.

Another thing to keep in mind while selecting the toddler 3 piece tuxedo dress is the fabric of the garment. Remember that most children are wearing the formal garment for the first time and their skin is used to the softer casual garments. Thus choose the natural fabric tuxedos instead of the synthetic ones since the latter tend to create allergies on the sensitive skin.  Wool and cotton tuxedos are the ones that are most preferred but if you are looking for a more luxurious choice then we would suggest you to go with the toddler 3 piece velvet tuxedo or the silk tuxedos.