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Kids Suit

Boys Lavender Color Vested SuitsChoosing kids clothing is a challenging job since you will have to consider a lot of factors that we don't think of when you choose clothing for ourselves. This is especially challenging if you are a new parent when you are at a loss when children refuse to wear the garments that you chose. The problem intensifies when you go with kids suits or any other formal garments since the kids are not used to these type of clothing. Thus in this article we recommend some tips that will help you dress your child better in kids suits without any hitch.

When it comes to suits many parents are hesitant since kids are used to the comfortable casual clothing. But dressing children in suits not only make him look perfect but also makes him get used to the formal clothes so that he doesn't struggle in the future. As for the history of kids clothing before the early twentieth century it is noted that the kids clothing lacked the general distinction between the genders. This practice of gender neutral clothing of children is said to have its origin from the 16th century. The children were mostly dressed in skirts since they were more practical for changing diapers when compared to pants. The distinction between the clothing was almost imperceptible so much so that the children portraits of these times hardly show the distinction between the boys and girls.

Boys Single Breasted SuitBut after some time when the children reach a certain age the boys were dressed in breeches and were introduced to pants. Thus it has been a constant practice to slowly introduce formal clothing to the kids so that they will get used to the formal clothing like suits and tuxedos.

As we have mentioned before while selecting the suits there are many factors that you should note that you normally wouldn't have bothered about when you select your own clothes. Make sure that you consider all these elements so that you will not have to panic at the last minute. The main thing that you will have to keep in mind while selecting kids suits or any clothing for children is the comfort. Children will not care about the style or the look and thus you will have to keep the comfort of the kids first.

Boys Black Color SuitWhen you consider the comfort of the kids suits the first thing that you will have to note is the fabric of the suits. Wool suits are the first recommendation when it comes to children formal clothing. Wool is a natural material that is breathable and soft to wear. They are also good temperature regulators that can keep you warm at night and cool at day. The wool garments will have small air pockets that can trap the air and keep you warm in cold days. Also wool is a natural fabric and thus is the one that is mostly used for baby clothing. They do not create any allergies or any adverse reactions on the sensitive skin of the kids.

Wool kids suits are the best if you are looking for a garment for winter events. If the climate is very chilly then you can opt to go with wool 3 piece suit look. The vested suits look will make your child look cute and dressed up for the event. The three piece kids look is the one that is best for dressy events like weddings and family gatherings. If the climate is less chilly you can opt to lose the vest and go with 2 piece suits look. If your child is not comfortable with wearing the suit jacket then you can let them lose the jacket and instead stop with the vest and the pants look. Also the wool suits are the ones that are most recommended when you need a garment for the formal event like formal weddings and church services

Boys Single Breasted Red TuxedoIf the event that you and your child are attending is scheduled to happen in summer then it is best to go with lightweight suits. The wool suits will feel stuffy and uncomfortable on your child in the summer and spring season. This is the reason why you will have to consider the season at which the event is held while selecting the fabric of the suits. For formal events you can opt to go with cotton suits. They are lighter and more breathable when compared with wool suits. They give your child a neat look that is the best replacement for wool suits.

Linen suits are the ones that are most preferred for semi formal and casual events. Beach weddings and parties are some events that are most suited for linen suits. Linen has best breathability and moisture absorbing characteristics when compared with the cotton suits. But the thing with linen suits is that they will be scratchy to wear when first bought. Linen becomes soft and comfortable to wear with usage and thus make sure that your child feels comfortable while wearing the linen suits. If your child is of very small age then it is better to stick with cotton suits for the summer events.

Blue Single Breasted Boys SuitSilk kids suits can be a good choice when you need a dressy look for your child. These suits will give your child a sleek look that will make them stand out from the crowd easily. When you go with silk suits for your child you can also add patterns to it. For example paisley suits and floral suits are the ones that are most used for silk suits. The silk suits will give you a rich look that will give your child a sophisticated look.

Another fabric that is most recommended for suits is the velvet suits. The material in itself has a sheen that will give a rich and distinct look for the child. Silk suits and velvet suits are the ones that are most preferred for special occasions like Christmas service and weddings. If your child is the ring bearer or the flower boy for the wedding then you can opt to go with these luxurious suits to create an impression.

The kids suits made from natural fabrics like the ones that are mentioned before can be a little expensive to begin with. But when you need cheap priced garments then you can go with blended suits or synthetic suits. Blended suits are best for small children but the synthetic ones like polyester suits and rayon suits are best for children of bigger age. This is because of the fact that the synthetic garments can be a little less breathable and less comfortable to wear when compared with the natural fabric ones.

After selecting the fabric of the suits the next thing that you will have to do is to select the type of suits. Single breasted suits are the ones that are most preferred for the first suit of your child. There aren't many events that require to dress your child in formal clothes like suits. So it is almost impossible that you have more than two kids suits lined up for your child. So you should get your suits that is great for versatile use. You can style the single breasted suits for both formal and casual events. Double breasted suits are usually used for formal events like business meetings and such. Thus when you opt to go with a double breasted suit then make sure that you know go style it right before getting it. Also the double breasted suits will be little thicker than the single breasted suits and it is better to keep this also in mind.

The details on the suits are not much looked into since kids in formal clothes is even a sight to behold. But when you concentrate on the details then you can manage to make your child look dressy and cute at the same time. Some such details that you will have to note is the type of lapels and number of buttons on the kids.

As for the type of the lapels on the kids you need to go with the peak lapel suits for a formal look. For a little more casual look you can go with notch lapel suits. These notch lapel suits are considered to be less formal than the peak lapel suits and are the best for semi formal and casual events. If you need a dressy look for your child like he is the ring bearer or flower boy then you can go with shawl lapel suits. Shawl lapel is less formal than peak lapels but considered to be dressier when compared with both peak lapel kids and notch lapel suits.

Boys Two Button Red SuitAs for the number of buttons on the suits you should consider the height and body type of the child. For example if your child is between 3 to 7 years of age then the child will be of less height. So for these children it is best to go with single button suits. You can go with more number of buttons on the vest when you go with 3 piece suits. For children of more than 7 years of age you can go with more number of buttons since they will be taller. More the height of the child, you can go with increased number of buttons. Two button suits and three button suits are the best for tall children.

After you select the material and details on the suits then you can progress to selecting the colors on the suits. To select the color of the suits you need to consider the type of event that you are attending and also the climate at which the event is held.

For formal events you can go with dark colored suits so that you maintain the formality of the event. Black suits is the most versatile suit that you will get. If you are getting the first suit for your child you can go with black suits. Other than this you can go with navy suits and charcoal suits. The navy suits are also a versatile style that you can style to many events. Gray is another color that is getting popular in the recent times when it comes to formal garments. As for the climate you can go with dark colored garments when it comes to gloomy seasons like winter and fall. The dark colors are the best since they blend in well with the subtle look of the season.

Boys Single Breasted Black BlazerFor semi formal you can go with slightly brighter garments in darker shades. Burgundy suits and olive green suits are the ones that are best for these events. Maroon suits and forest green suits are also other recommendations for these events. As for lighter garments it is better to style them to the casual events that happen in the warmer months like summer and spring.

Beige suits and cream suits are the ones that are best suited for casual events like beach weddings. The thing with the lighter color garments like white suits and off white suits is that they tend to show wrinkles much when they are not tailored properly. So make sure that you go with nicely fitting garments for your child.

As for the fit of the suits the slimmer ones are most preferred. Slim fit suits and skinny fit suits are the ones that are most recommended. For a little more roomier and comfortable fit you can opt to go with classic fit suits.