Boys Velvet Blazer

Dressing up your child for the special occasions like the weddings and festive events can be both exciting and tiring. This may be because of the fact that the children will be used to the casual clothing that they feel comfortable in and their sudden exposure to the formal clothing like suits and blazers can be energy consuming. But this is a necessary evil since the formal clothing will become an integral part of their wardrobe when the years pass. In this article we discuss the boys velvet blazers and why you should get one of these for your little one.

Comfort is the first thing that matters when it comes to children's clothing. The style of the garment and the way that you choose to style it are also important but is only secondary to the comfort at which the child can pull off the garment. This is because of the fact that the children regardless of the style and the price of the garment will flat out refuse to wear it if it irritates them in some way. It may be the stray Stitching on the inner side of the blazer or the material in itself that is not breathable. This you should make sure that you get a garment that your child can wear through the day without much complaints.

Boys Velvet blazers score a great deal when it comes to comfort since the plushiness of the fabric makes it easy to wear and easier to stay in it. It also helps a lot since the velvet blazers are having the moment of fame in the recent times. You can see your favorite celebrities sporting the look on the red carpets and the designers are also in love with the style making the models strut on the runways with different innovations of the garment. Thus if you are a person who likes to follow the fashion trends then it would be good choice not only to get a boys velvet blazer for your child but get one of the velvet blazers for yourself.

The velvet is soft to touch and because of the considerable weight involved with the fabric it would give you a good drape. Despite the look of the it the high quality boys velvet blazers can breathe well and you do not worry your child arguing it to take it off while in the middle of the event. There are a lot of styles in the boys velvet blazers be it formal or casual and you can select the one that you would like to see in on your child. Other than this it would also help a great deal if you take your child along when shopping for the boys velvet blazer so as to avoid picking a color or design that your child absolutely loathe. Here are some tips that would help your get through this process of dressing your child in boys velvet blazers and also offer some styling ideas that would match different events.

When it is a formal event that you are dressing your child for then it would be best to go with the standard styling of the boys velvet blazers. If it is a strict one like a black tie event then it would be a good choice to opt to go with the boys velvet tuxedo blazer. For a blended in style for the event make sure that you go with the classic colors of the boys velvet blazers. Black boys velvet blazers are the most recommended choice but you can also try your hand with the midnight blue boys velvet blazers or the Navy boys velvet blazers. You can  style this formal boys velvet blazer with a white dress shirt, a pair of black dress pants and a black bow tie. This styling of the classic boys velvet blazers will suit any type of formal event even the ones with dress codes like the black tie events. Most of the time people go dressed in the samea attire but in a wool or cotton tuxedo jacket. When you dress your child in the boys velvet blazer then you can make them stand out from the rest of the crowd in a subtle way and at the same time without straying away from the mentioned dress code for the event.

Peak lapel boys velvet blazers are the ones that are considered to be the most formal styles. If your child is dressing for a Christmas party or such event then you can choose to let him wear the peak lapel boys velvet blazers. But if it is a special occasion like he is the flower boy or ring bearer in the wedding ceremony then you can choose to style him in shawl lapel boys velvet blazers since it gives a dressing look than the peak lapels.

For a casual style you can style the notch lapel boys velvet blazers with a dress shirt and forget the tie option. If your child do not like the bow tie then you can choose to style the garment with a long tie. 2 button boys velvet blazers are the usual ones but you can also opt for the 3 button boys velvet blazers or the single button boys velvet blazers depending on the height of the child.

The color of the boys velvet blazer is an important detail to note. While the classic choices are the safest options remember that children can pull off styles easily which are considered impossible by adults. This loosen up a little and try the unconventional ones like the red boys velvet blazer and green boys velvet blazer which you wouldn't pick for yourself without a second thought. If you consider the designer boys velvet blazers to be pricey then choose the ones like slim fit boys velvet blazers and classic fit boys velvet blazers according to the body type of the child. Off the rack boys velvet blazers online will be of much cheaper price than the designer ones.