Boys Casual Blazer

Every year there comes an event where you want to show up dressed with your family. And for this you will have to dress your child in formal clothing like suits and blazers. When it comes to formal clothing for boys it would be a hard feat since the children will be used to the casual and comfortable clothing. Thus if you want to ease your child slowly into the clothing then it would be best to go with the boys casual blazers. In this article we discuss the boys casual blazers and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

When you are dressing your child for the first time in formal clothing it would seem like an overdo to go with suits or tuxedos and the children might also find it uncomfortable because of the tailored garment. Thus it would be a good start to go with the boys casual blazers and once they find it comfortable to wear you can progress them into the suits and the formal blazers.

One of the most important factors to note about the children’s garments is the comfort that it offers the wearer. Children can create a fuss or flat out refuse to wear the garment of they find it uncomfortable in some way. Thus the boys casual blazers would be a great choice since the garment is softer and more relaxed in its construction. Also the boys casual blazers can be one of the most versatile garments that you can add to the wardrobe collection of your child. The children are not expected to conform perfectly to the dress codes and this you can easily style the boys casual blazers to even the formal events given that you style it with the proper combining garments.

The boys casual blazers are softer in their making since they come with less structured shoulders and a perfectly tailored fit. When you select the boys casual blazer choose the more relaxed fit which will give your child a rich yet casual look. The fabric of the boys casual blazer is another important thing to note. When you need a casual and relaxed style it would be best to go with the light weight materials. For summer use you can go with the cotton boys casual blazers. The boys cotton casual blazer would give your child a formal style that you can let your child wear for the formal events like church weddings and festive dinners. Cotton casual blazers are lighter and breathable thus keeping you cool through the hot days. Also cotton is the fabric that is most recommended fabric when it comes to children’s clothing since it is a natural fabric and this is gentle on the sensitive skin of the children.

On the contrary when you are attending a semi formal or casual summer event like a beach wedding then we would recommend you to choose the linen boys casual blazers. The linen boys casual blazers are also light in weight but they are known to have better moisture wicking characteristics when compared to the cotton boys casual blazers. But the linen clothing would get wrinkled easily thus it is avoided for formal uses. When you want to reduce the wrinkling choose to go with the blended linen casual blazers with wool or cotton.

Silk boys casual blazers and velvet boys casual blazers are a great choice for special occasions when you want your child to stand out. For a little more formal look you can choose to go with the worsted wool boys casual blazers. For a cheaper look you can go with the synthetic fabrics like the polyester boys casual blazers or the rayon boys casual blazers. But the artificial fabric might not bode well for the children especially the smaller ones. Thus to be on the safer side it would be best for you to go with the natural fabric boys casual blazers. Also the natural fabric blazers would be durable and comfortable to wear when you maintain it right.

The color of the boys casual blazer should be classic and dark when you are getting the garment for a formal event. Black boys casual blazers and navy boys casual blazers are some of the most versatile picks since you can style them with almost any garments. For summer style it is best to go with the lighter styles like the tan boys casual blazers and the cream boys casual blazers. Other than this you can also choose to go with the brighter ones like the burgundy red boys casual blazers or the green boys casual blazers.

While you have the standard styling of pairing the boys casual blazer with a dress shirt and a standard colored tie this would be a good choice for the formal events. For a wedding where your child is the ring bearer or the flower boy you can style the classic boys casual blazer with a white dress shirt, a bow tie and black dress pants. This simple yet elegant style would work for almost all formal events.

But when you want to go with a more casual styling then we would recommend you to style the boys casual blazer in a relaxed way. For a polished and sophisticated look you can style the single breasted boys casual blazer with a dress shirt and a pair of chinos. You can lose the tie and leave the top two buttons of the dress shirt open. This would also keep the child comfortable since some would consider the tie to be restricting. When you need a little more casual style choose to go with pairing the double breasted boys casual blazer with a pair of jeans.

For example you can style the slim fit boys casual blazer with a crew neck tshirt or a v neck tshirt and your favorite pair of jeans. For a comfortable fit go with the classic fit boys casual blazer with a striped tshirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.