2 Button Suit

2 Button Suit

Camel Khaki SuitsIf you are a person in the fashion profession then you would have often heard the phrase “ Its all in the details”. This is the case since it is also true. Most of these details wouldn’t get noticed in the obvious way but they still have an important purpose. One such detail is the number of buttons on the suit jacket. Have you ever wondered why the suits that you have in your wardrobe all have 2 buttons on it? For your information there are also other options like single button suits and 3 button suits available but boys suit seems to lead the industry. In this article we discuss why it is so and how you can make this look work.

If you are quite acquainted with the suits and have more than two of them in your wardrobe then you would have noted that there is abundance of boys two button suits available in the market when compared to the single button suits and three button suits. There was a time in the past when the single button suits and 3 button suits were very popular but since the start of this century the suits have been preferred more by the people. This is because of the fact that the boys suits will fit and flatter any body type and you don’t even have to try much to look good in it.

Two Button Navy Blue SuitTo understand the appeal of the boys suits you must understand the function of the buttons on the suit. We already know about the obvious use of the button which is to hold the flaps of the suit jacket together. But did you know that the number of buttons also influence the overall look of the outfit especially the look of the suit jacket. The main point here is the neck space that the placing of the buttons offer. When you see the one button suits they give out a deep neck and with the 3 button or 4 button suits you are left with a high neck. But the suits offer the middle ground thus making it the most preferred choice for most of the men.

If you are getting the suit for the business use then boys suits would be the best choice since they will not attract any second glance. The lower button stance of the single button suits would give the wearer a slimmer and taller look. And the 3 button suits and such would be a good style for the taller men. But the 2 button boys suits would be a great look for any person thus making it a versatile pick. Always leave the last button open and let the top button also loose when you sit down.

As for styling the boys suits there are different ways you can style them and also for different ways. Here are some of our recommendations which can make you utilize the 2 button suits that you have in your wardrobe to the greatest degree.

  1. 2 button business suit

If boys suits are the best for one use then it would be for business. As mentioned before we all would want to blend in well with our surroundings when we dress for office. And boys 2 button business suit would be the best choice to be used as work wear. You can style them in any way you want and they can give you the best look.

For a formal and classic look you don’t have to try much. You simply have to style the 2 button black suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. But if you aren’t a fan of the black suits then you can go with the boys navy 2 button suits and boys grey 2 button suits. Go with styling these standard colored suits with white dress shirt and matching ties to get the perfect standard work attire.

  1. Formal attire

Usually you would have read fashion articles that recommend you to go with the dinner suits that have a single button since it offers a fashionable look. But the 2 button tuxedo suits are the ones that are available in most times and usually when you go with rental tuxedos you won’t have too many choices. Though single button tuxedos are the ones that you should have as your first choice you can also go with the black 2 button tuxedos and then pair it with white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie.

If you aren’t a big fan of the tuxedos then you can choose to go with the 3 piece suits. The addition of the vest to the suit makes it more classic and adds more formal ness when compared to the 2 piece suits.

  1. 2 button suits for occasions

Though the boys suits are common they are also good choices for the special occasions. 2 button wedding suits are best for both groom and groomsmen attire. If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd with your suit then you can style the 2 button Paisley suit or 2 button tuxedo suit for these events. You can also choose matching 2 button toddler suit which would be a good choice for the Ring bearers or flower boys.

  1. Boys 2 button suit separates

Boys suit jacket can be one of the most versatile choices in your wardrobe when you style it right. When you have a good sense of coordination you can make the look work for almost any event. Instead of restricting yourself to the same style of the full suits styling it as separates will help you further your sartorial knowledge. Learn the colors which would coordinate with the others and then make your pick according to your taste.