Toddler White Tuxedo

Toddler White Tuxedo

Toddler tuxedoWhite is a color (or is it??) that we men mostly restrict to the dress shirts and pocket squares. Of course we cannot live without the white dress shirts but when it comes to formal menswear we do not take it further. White tuxedos and suits are something that we usually do not choose since most people believe that it is hard to pull off. But this isn’t the case with the children since they literally can pull anything off. Thus when you are purchasing for the formal garments for your child keep toddler white tuxedos in your mind. In this article we talk in detail about the toddler tuxedos and why it might be your next purchase.

White indeed attracts attention and this is another reason why men avoid it. The confidence level required to pull off a white tuxedo is lacking in most adults but that is not the case with the children. They look great in the styles that we usually avoid and this includes the white tuxedos. Thus think of letting your child try out the toddler tuxedo outfit at least once.

 white tuxedoAnother thing that makes the people hesitate about going with the white tuxedo style is because of the rarity of the events where you can wear the tuxedo without earning weird glances. When it comes to adults there are very few events where you can wear a white tuxedo and these are:

  • White tie events (the most formal types)
  • Weddings (but you should be the groom)
  • Fancy events

But with the children you can make the tuxedo work for even the semi formal events. Thus get a white tuxedo for your child and elevate their style game along with dialling up their cuteness factor.

What to note while selecting toddler white tuxedos?

 tuxedoThere isn’t much difference between the toddler white tuxedo dress and the adult’s tuxedos since they are essentially the mini version of our garments. But there are some details that matter more while selecting the garment for the children. The fabric of the white tuxedo toddler is one of the most important things to note since they are used to the comfortable fabrics. The formal garments might be a great change for the little ones and might cause allergies if the fabric is not properly selected.

Think about the season and the event you are attending while choosing the white tuxedo fabric. Wool white tuxedos are the ones that is mostly preferred but if you are attending a summer event go with the cotton white tuxedo toddler. Usually people avoid going with the linen tuxedos since the fabric tends to wrinkle easily but with children this does not matter much. Other than this you can also go with silk white tuxedos or velvet ones. Make sure to let your child try on the garment before the D-Day and notice for any discomfort. Look for the tags or hitches that might irritate them and take care of it.

How to style the toddler white tuxedos?

Toddler white When it comes to tuxedos there is the standard styling format which entails the tuxedo shirt, bow tie, vest and a pair of formal shoes. If you are attending a formal event then you can choose to go with this styling since it would be the appropriate style for the event. For example if you are attending a church wedding then you can let your child wear a toddler 3 piece white tuxedo that is paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a red bow tie. You can complete the look with a pair of formal dress shoes but if the child isn’t comfortable with the style it would be better to choose casual ones like sneakers and such.

While this is the standard style that can get you through almost any formal event this does not mean that you will have to stick with the styling all the time. You can try new things with the white tuxedos since fashion has progressed to the point where anything that looks good works out just fine. There have been increasing cases where the tuxedos are styled in casual sense and the look is now welcome especially with the children. Thus let your imagination work and try out various looks with the toddler tuxedo outfits.

For example if your child isn’t too thrilled to go with too many layers then you can lose the tuxedo jacket and go with the vest with the shirt and pants look. This look is now becoming popular especially for the weddings. Usually matching white tuxedo vest is recommended to be worn with the outfit but you can also choose to go with the odd vests to create a contrast.

 white As for the casual styling of the toddler tuxedos you can style the toddler white tuxedo wedding with a light blue dress shirt and a navy print pocket square. To complete the casual yet stylish ensemble you can add a pair of navy suede loafers. This is a style that would be great for the summer outdoor weddings since they give out a cool and laid back look while also being appropriate. If you want the contrast to be more noticeable then you can style the slimfit white tuxedo with a burgundy dress shirt and then add with it a pair of tan suede tassel loafers for it to be a nice ensemble.

If you are going further down in the casual route then you can choose to style the toddler tuxedo coat with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of white chinos. Other than this you can style the white tuxedo jacket with the colored combining garments if you think that you aren’t ready for the whole white look. White velvet tuxedo jacket paired with a white dress shirt, black tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants is a cool and attainable look for everyone.