Toddler Sand Suit

Toddler Sand Suit

Toddler suitWhat is the color of the sand at the place you live? This is indeed a random question and it can leave some people confused but we have a reason for asking you this since we are going to talk about toddler sand suits in this article. Usually when we talk about sand we imagine the soil at our place since there are different colors of sand like brown, orange, red, pink, black and even purple (the lineup seems to get weirder with time). But when we talk about sand color suits we tend to take into account the most common type of sands which appear in golden yellow or caramel color. Know more about the choosing and styling of the toddler sand color suits by reading the article further.

As we have mentioned before sand color in clothing refers to the golden or caramel shade and thus you would have already noted that it lies in the lighter side of the color spectrum. Usually men avoid the lighter shades in suits but sand is a more common shade that is accepted to be one of the popular summer colors. Thus if you are shopping for your child’s outfit for a summer event then toddler sand boys suit is your best choice. Because of the brown undertone it wouldn’t be too hard to style the sand suits but there are a few things that are important to note while purchasing the style.

 sand suitFirst of all make sure that you get the shade of the toddler suits right since there are a lot of shades available in the market. The shade of sand when chosen right would provide you with a sophisticated and elegant look but it is also easy to go with the less elegant shades. For example most people either choose the ones with the overwhelming brown undertones which makes the suit look more mud color than sand color or tend to choose the shade with overwhelming orange undertone which makes it look like a joker costume. Thus take some time in finding the right shade of the suit.

The next thing is the fabric of the garment. Children are used to comfortable clothing and when you are styling them in formal garments especially in summer it is important that the fabric is appropriate. Usually we adults would fare well with wool garments in summer but with children it is a risk that is not worth taking. Thus make sure that you go with a lightweight style like the sand color cotton suit or toddler linen sand suits. These are breathable fabrics which would keep the children swear free even when the weather is testing. If you are on a budget then synthetic styles like poly rayon sand suits are available but the synthetic garments are known to cause allergies on the sensitive skin of the children. Thus keep this in mind while choosing the garment.

Also make sure that the garment fits your child properly. You can get custom made sand suits for your child but they are costly. Instead choose a style that fits your child’s body type the best and then take it to your tailor to get the alterations done. This way you can achieve a near awesome fit even if it takes some time.

As for styling the toddler boys suits here are some ideas which might help you style the outfit for your child. You can style the sand color suits for the formal events and casual events but make sure that the combining garments are chosen right. Do not be afraid to include some colors to the outfit since the children have a lot more growing up to do before they inherit our boring adult styles.

For a formal event you can style the toddler single breasted suit with a white dress shirt and a bright red striped tie. You can add a pair of red sneakers to the outfit since it matches the look of the tie. If you are going down the subtle style path then you can choose to style the toddler linen 2 button suit with a white linen shirt and then add with the outfit a pair of white leather sneakers. This is a simple fail proof outfit that anyone can pull off.

 suitUsually we all would automatically pick the single breasted styles since they are the most preferred. But double breasted sand suits would offer a much cooler style for your child and hence try the look out. For example styling the double breasted toddler sand color cotton suit with a navy chambray dress shirt would ensure appreciative glances aimed at your child. To further the relaxed vibe you can add a pair of white sneakers to this outfit. If you want to take the swaggy look to another level swap the chambray shirt with a simple white crew neck t-shirt.

Tonal looks are being big on the trend and if you like to jump on the bandwagon while it’s moving then you can style the sand suit with a beige crew neck t-shirt and then round it off with a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

Toddler sand Blue looks great as much as white do while paired with the sand suits and thus is a great choice for people who need some color in their outfit. A light blue dress shirt obviously looks good when paired with sand suit but styling the navy dress shirt with the toddler suits is a look that we dig more. This contrast gives a kind of sophisticated look that is hard to ignore.

If you like this contrast of styling the sand suits with dark colored shirts then you can choose to style them with the black shirts too. Notch lapel sand suit paired with a black polo and a pair of black leather boots is an awesome look for a teenager. Go through the different styles of toddler sand suits online to get an idea of what would work for you.