Kids Wool Suit

Wool is the most popular fabric when it comes to formal clothing like suits and blazers. If you are getting the first suit for your child then you should be choosing to go with the kids wool suits. Wool is a common fabric that is used in the making of the suits and there are many types to explore. Finding the right type of the wool suits will help your child feel comfortable in the outfit. In this article, we would like to discuss more about the kids wool suits and tips for choosing the right style.

Why is wool the most popular suiting fabric?

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Wool has many properties that makes it a great fabric for the making of the suits. The best wool for the clothing usually is obtained from merino sheep. Here are the properties which makes wool one of the best suiting fabrics.

  1. Breathability

The breathability of the suit often dictates the comfort with which you can wear the suit. Wool is woven and hence has air pockets which allows it to breathe well. The warmth is trapped in these air pockets and the moisture can escape through the gaps. This helps keep the wool suits for kidswarm to wear in the winter and cool for the summer.

  1. Durability

Wool is one of the most durable fabric and thus is recommended even for daily use. The wear and tear associated with wool is very less when compared to other fabrics and this is the reason why most people prefer wool formal suits for office use. When it comes to children, durability is one of the important aspects to consider and hence make sure to choose the best wool outfits for your child.

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  1. Water resistance

The wool suits can repel water to an extent since the sheep’s skin has a natural water repelling fat which is known as lanolin. Wool will absorb about 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet while cotton can only absorb about 8%. Children tend to play around a lot and there is a high chance of them getting drenched. Hence it would be best if you choose to go with the stylish wool suits for the children.

  1. Memory

It might be weird to say that wool has memory but the fabric has a springiness to it which makes them less prone to wrinkling. This also provides a better drape for the wearer. You can get a beautiful wool suit for your child and at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be wrinkled beyond salvage point. This cannot be said for the cotton suits.

  1. Flame resistance

Wool fabric is flame resistant and we say this because we just cannot be too careful with the kids.

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All these properties make wool to be one of the most sought after fabrics to be present. There are different choices in the kids wool suits to explore like the flannel suits or the worsted wool suits. Take some time to go through these styles and then make the right choice. You can use the options like kids wool suits near me to find the shops and sites that have the wool suits on sale. If you are purchasing the wool suits online then make sure that you have the measurements of your child to find a fitting style. If you have an adequate budget, we would suggest you to choose the wool designer suitsbut you can also choose the wool suits readymade styles

If you have already chosen the kids wool suit and thinking about the styling then here are some ideas for you. For an amazing and refined look, you can style the navy wool dress suit with a white dress shirt and a burgundy striped tie. To give the outfit a hint of stylish nonchalance, you can add with it a pair of black socks and dark brown leather brogues. If the weather feels to be chilly then choose to add a camel overcoat to the mix. If your child isn’t ready to keep the overcoat then you can choose the three piece suit instead. The vest would be a subtle way to keep your child warm without the overcoat bothering them.

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If you are choosing the smart casual ensemble then there are various ways to make the look work. You can swap the dress shirt with a casual shirt or a t-shirt. For a stylish but laid back look, you can style the navy wool fashion suit with a white and navy print short sleeve shirt and a white pocket square. To make the look even more special, you can add a pair of beige suede loafers to this outfit. For a classy and modern look which you can wear for the parties, you can style the navy wool trend suit with a brown turtleneck and a blue print pocket square. To make the outfit to come together quite nicely, you can add with it a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers.

If you are into tonal outfits, then you can style the emerald green shiny wool suit with a light blue dress shirt and a black pocket square. To make the whole look a success, you can add with it a pair of brown suede tassel loafers. For a more casual look, you can style the grey street style wool suit with a white and black print t-shirt and a dark brown leather belt. To instantly jazz up the look of this outfit, you can add with it a pair of black socks and dark brown leather tassel loafers. You can utilize this outfit when your child is throwing a tantrum about wearing the suit. Adding their favorite t-shirt to the outfit would make them want to wear it. Instead of sticking with dark colored suits all the time try out various colors since the children would pull it off with ease. For example, a brown plaid iconic style wool suit paired with a grey V neck sweater would be a cool style to choose.