kids tuxedo

Boys Navy Blue SuitChildren look amazing in any outfit they wear but when it comes to formal clothing like suits and tuxedos the cuteness factor overloads. But the problem lies in putting the dress on your child. If you are a new parent then know that your child is not supposed to cooperate when you are dressing him especially in formal clothing. This is because of the fact that the children are used to the comfortable clothing that is loosely fit most of the times like t-shirts and shorts. So when you suddenly introduce a perfectly fitted garment like a kids tuxedo then they are pulled out of their comfort zone and hence rebel. But when you get some details right then dressing your child in kids tuxedo might turn out to be a easier job than you think it to be.

The main thing that you will have to keep in mind during the whole process of picking out a tuxedo or any children clothing is the comfort. This is a great turn from the way we shop for ourselves since we mostly tend to focus on the style and look of the garment, comfort being a side factor. But when it comes to kids make sure that you go with the one that feels comfortable to wear since your child will flat out refuse to wear it if they find to be itchy or uncomfortable. Thus it is better to get the kids and make them try it out before the big day. This way you can find the adverse factor if any present and can try to resolve it. If may be due to the fit or simply a tag attached to the garment.

Boys One Button White JacketMaterial from which the tuxedo is made from directly affects the comfort of the clothing. Thus when you select the clothing, make sure you go with premium quality kids that are safe for their skin and also comfortable to wear. This is because of the fact that the children skin is sensitive and is easily prone to allergies. Synthetic ones like polyester tuxedo and rayon tuxedo might not be suitable for kids skin since they contain chemicals.

Natural fabric kids tuxedos are the ones that are mostly recommended for children. There are a lot of natural fabrics available that are safe for the children and you can make your pick depending on your requirement. For example the formal events most likely require you and your child to be in subtle garments and hence wool tuxedo might be a good choice. Wool is soft and comfortable to wear and thus best for your little one. Also because of thick nature they can provide natural insulation thus making a good winter fabric. If the cold winds are rising at that time you can opt to dress your child in 3 piece tuxedo. The addition of a layer in the form of vest can provide warmth and at the same time in any point of the day when your child decides to lose the jacket the vest can provide a dressy look.

Boys Grey Vested SuitsBut when you are dressing your child for summer events like beach weddings and such you can go with lightweight tuxedos. For example cotton tuxedo will give your child a clean and subtle look while the linen kids tuxedo is best for a stylish laid back look. The linen has better breathability and moisture absorbing characteristics than cotton but it tends to wrinkle easily thus avoided for formal use. Children are not required to be in the best look all through the day and hence you can easily style them in linen tuxedo. But if you are still worried about the wrinkling then you can go with blended linen tuxedo in which the wrinkling reduces to a great deal. Seersucker tuxedo is a casual style that you can go with when you need a lightweight breathable garment.

For a fancy look you can dress your child in luxurious fabrics. Silk tuxedo is a good choice when you need a look that can stand out from the rest. For a still more stylish look you can go with patterned ones like floral tuxedo and paisley tuxedo. These elegant patterns when paired with the sheen of the silk fabric can create a rich and sophisticated look. Velvet tuxedo is also a good look when you style your child for special occasions. The material is soft and comfortable to wear making them easily accepted among the children.

Boys Sky Blue Vested SuitsOnce you select the fabric of the kids you will also have to note about its durability. There are limited events that require a kid to wear a tuxedo. Thus you cannot buy a new one every time a event like that turns up. So it is best to keep this in mind and go for a tuxedo that can last for a long time in the run. The material of the kids should be durable while maintaining its color and texture even after a few washes. This is also partially due to the fact that children tend to handle the clothing roughly than we do. Regardless of him wearing a tuxedo your child can easily go knee deep in the puddle just to play with his friends and reach for the ice-cream without minding it soiling his tuxedo jacket. Thus make sure you go with the ones that can last through all these adversities.

As for the type of the tuxedo there are two major ones which are single breasted tuxedo and double breasted tuxedo. Basically doube breasted tuxedos are considered to be a formal style that men wear to important events like boardroom meetings and such. Children being not obligated to these type of events can try going with single breasted tuxedos. Also the single breasted tuxedos are a versatile style that you can style to both formal and casual events. But if you still love the look if double breasted tuxedo on your child make sure that you style it right for the event.

Boys Vested White Black SuitAs for the detailing the number of buttons on the tuxedo and the type of lapel on it gathers the most attention. Most of the time single button tuxedos and two button tuxedos are the ones recommended since the children have relatively shorter upper body. More number of buttons on the kids jacket might create a very high neck which is a undesirable look. Thus it is better to stick with one button tuxedo for a balanced look.

As for the type of lapel on the tuxedo it is an important detail since it is the one which distinguishes the tuxedo from a simple suit. The lapels on the tuxedo are usually provided with satin or grosgrain facings which is a feature absent in suits. Peak lapel tuxedos are the ones that are usually recommended for formal gatherings. Notch lapel tuxedos are rare since the notch lapels are casual lapels and them on the formal garment like tuxedos is seen as a contradictory style. When you need a dressy look that can make your child stand out from the crowd then dress him in shawl lapel tuxedos. The shawl lapel is less formal than the peak lapels but is considered to be the best for dressy looks.

Blue Single Breasted Boys SuitWhile these are the details that you will have to note on the tuxedo that you purchase there is a high chance that your child will not are about it at all. But the one thing that instantly catches their attention is the color of the tuxedo that you choose. This is one aspect of the tuxedo that you can get the opinion of your child so that you can involve him in the process of selection. It is greatly recommended for you to take the child along when you purchase the tuxedo. Try to use their suggestions and opinions while picking out the tuxedo. This will help a great deal in dressing your child since he will be excited to wear the garment that he personally helped pick out. Also, taking along your child while shopping can help him develop his own sense of fashion which will definitely be helpful in the future.

As for the color of the tuxedo you can try branching out from the usual navy tuxedos and charcoal gray kids tuxedos. If the event that you and your child are attending happens to have a dress code try going with it. Events with dress codes mostly will be formal and hence you can go with the classic ones like black tuxedo and midnight blue tuxedo. But when the event does not have any dress code then you can have a little fun with the outfit.

Boys Two Button Red SuitThe thing is kids tend to look good in almost all colors even the ones the adults most vehemently avoid. So try going with lighter and brighter colors of tuxedos. While selecting the color you can also keep in mind the complexion of your child and his hair color. Go with the one that complements their look. You can also consider the climate at which the event is going to be held.

For example if it is a summer wedding then you can opt to go with lighter ones like light blue tuxedos and pink tuxedos. For a more pronounced look you can go with olive green tuxedos or burgundy tuxedo. You can also try going with patterned tuxedos like striped tuxedo or plaid tuxedos. Now here are some adorably cute styling ideas for tuxedo that you can get inspiration from.

Boys Two Buttons Ivory SuitFirst, for a sleek and formal use go with the standard look of the kids tuxedo. A black tuxedo paired with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie is a great look that can never go wrong. Instead of the vest you can try going with suspenders especially when the weather is sunny. Other than this for a distinct look you can pair this ensemble with a red satin cummerbund and a red silk tie. Make sure to complete the look with a pair of black patent tuxedo shoes. For a semi formal look you can go with light gray tuxedo paired with white dress shirt, beige tie and white sneakers. A white tuxedo might look dashing on your little one especially if he is the ring bearer or the page boy of the wedding. White tuxedo is the one that most adults avoid but it is not a concern when the wearer to too cute and tiny.

Other than going with full tuxedo style you can also style it as separates. For example you can pair the burgundy tuxedo jacket with white dress pants and black bow tie for a stylish look. Other than this you can also pick the kids jacket that has different colored lapels on it. Pastel colors look great on children and thus you can use this for summer events. A beige tuxedo paired with white dress shirt and a black bow tie is a cute look. If your child feels uncomfortable in the tuxedo jacket then you can go with the two piece look by pairing the tuxedo pants with the dress shirt and the vest. Try to add a boutonniere for an elegant look.

The fit of the kids tuxedo matters a lot. Never go with baggy fitted tuxedo since it can ruin the look of your child. Go for slimmer fits that complement the body of your child. Slim fit tuxedos are the ones that are mostly recommended. But if your child feels uncomfortable in the fit then go with slightly roomier ones like classic fit tuxedos.