Kids stripped suit

Kids Stripped Suits

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Are you looking to buy a suit for your little man? Think choosing the kids stripped suits! Most of us when choosing the first suit for the child would go with the most boring choices of the black suits or the navy suits. While we agree that they are the most versatile ones and easy to style suits, it doesn’t mean that you should make the most boring choice. You can choose the navy suits and the black suits but we urge you to choose the stripped ones. This might give the suit a more interesting look and in turn provide your child with a cool outfit. In this article, we will discuss more about the kids stripped suits and how you can make the look work.
Often when we think about stripes, most tend to imagine the navy pinstripe suit that has been long associated with the people working in finance. Maybe it is the influence of watching Wolf of the wall street so many times! But the point is the stripped suits were the unofficial uniform of the bankers since the late 1900s but the image is diluting slowly. If you are looking for a formal and sleek suit for your child then you should be thinking of choosing the stripped fashion suits.

There is a different kind of appeal to the stripped suits and when you style them right, it can work to your advantage. The stripes can make your child look taller and leaner. There are different varieties in the stripes and we would like you to check them out before you make the choice for your child. If it is possible, you can even take your child along while shopping for the suits.

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When it comes to stripped suits, pinstripe suits are the most popular of all. If you are looking for a stripped formal suit which can work for important occasions then pinstripe suits would be our suggestion. The subtle style is because of the thin stripes which morph together to offer the look of the solid suit when viewed from a distance. If you want to maintain the formal look then you should be choosing the black or navy pinstripe suits. The pinstripped suits are also easier to style when compared to the other styles.
But if the aim of your stylish isn’t to remain subtle but quite opposite of that then you should be choosing to go with the chalk striped suits instead for your child. The chalk stripped suits offer a bolder and flashier kind of look when compared with the pinstripe suits. If you are looking for a flashy style stripped suits that your child can rock for the parties and fun events then we suggest you to choose the chalk stripped trend suits. These are also a good choice if you are purchasing the suits for the summer and spring events. The laid back look of the chalk stripes easily matches the fun vibe of the season.

While these are the most popular stripped suits, there are also other styles of the stripes available. Check through the various options available and then make the right choice. The fabric and fit of the suits are the most important things to note while purchasing the stripped suits. For example, wool suits are preferred for the formal events while the lightweight cotton and linen suits are preferred for the summer events. Think about the event for which you are getting the kids stripped suits and then make the choice. Especially when you are choosing the suits for your child, make sure to go with the comfortable fabrics.

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As for the fit, the perfect choice would be to go with the custom made stripped kids suits. But the price tag involved might become too much and in that case, the better choice would be the stripped designer suits or the readymade stripped suits. Choose the style that would look best on your child according to their body type. If you are purchasing the stripped suits online then make sure to choose the right measurements from the size chart. Look through various stripped suits on sale and then make your choice.
If you have been thinking about choosing the stripped suits for kids but do not know where to start then here are some tips and outfits which you can check out.
For a formal and stylish look that isn’t too uncomfortable for your child, style the navy branded suits for kids with a white dress shirt and a white pocket square. Adding with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather loafers would be a cool way to elevate the look of this outfit. If you love a nice tonal look then you can style the child with a dark green iconic style stripped suit with a light blue dress shirt and a navy print pocket square. You can stylishly complement the look with a pair of brown suede tassel loafers.

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But if the event is more formal then you can go with the complete suit outfit. For example, if it is a winter wedding that you are styling the child’s outfit for then you can style the navy flashy style stripped suits with a light blue dress shirt, navy and white polka dot tie and then top it off with a camel overcoat. To create an outfit that is full of character, you can add with it a pair of navy socks and brown leather oxford shoes.
For a trendy outfit, you can style the navy designer stripped suit with a tan turtleneck and then finish off the look with a pair of white leather low top sneakers. For a summer casual look, style the light blue stylish stripped suit with a white dress shirt and then round off the look with a pair of grey leather sneakers. Check out the various styles of the stripped suits on sale and then choose the one that will suit your need.