Kids sharkskin suit

Kids Sharkskin Suit

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There are various suiting materials but most times we stick with the wool or cotton suits. The wool suits are probably the ones that we are most comfortable with since they are subtle and durable. But what if we say there is a slightly more flashy but comfortable suiting fabric? Sharkskin suits tend to offer the best kind of look when it comes to special occasions. If you are looking for suits for your child to dress to the special occasions then you should be considering choosing the kids sharkskin suits. In this article, we would like to discuss more about the kids sharkskin suits and how it can create the best look for your child.
For people who have been silently contemplating on the name of these suits – no, they aren’t made from sharkskin. The sharkskin suits are made from the blend of wool, cashmere and some synthetic fibers which gives it a shiny look. This shiny look of the suits resembles the exterior skin of the shark and hence the name.

Usually we let our children go with the casual garments most of the time but when there is an important occasion involved we would like them to dress up impressively. The shiny sharkskin suits were considered to be most appropriate for the important business occasions but we have shifted since to the simpler and subtler looks when concerned to work. Thus the flashy style sharkskin suits are now advocated to be best suited for the festive events. The shiny look that the fabric offers would help turn heads towards your child easily.

The sharkskin kids suits are mostly recommended to be worn for the events that happen in the evenings or the night hours. This is because of the elegant look that the suit offers under the artificial light. Sharkskin fashion suits have been in use since the 1930s and they continue to be one of the favorites of the men who like the subtle but stylish looks.

What makes the sharkskin suits special?

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The sharkskin suits are often made from the thin and lighter thread of materials like silk which is combined with wool. These silk or alpaca threads result the shiny and rich look of the suit. Also the thinness of the material is responsible for the comfort that the suits offer. This enhances the breathability of the suit and helps the child wear it without feeling sweaty. It is always recommended for you to choose the natural sharkskin designer suits especially for the children. There are also artificial sharkskin suits available but they won’t provide the comfort that the natural ones provide.
The artificial sharkskin suits use thicker and rougher synthetic material that ultimately provides the suit a two toned appearance. This also makes the fabric durable and less prone to water damage. While the artificial sharkskin suits are the best choice for adults, the synthetic material might cause allergies in the sensitive skin of the children.

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The popular sharkskin suits come in different shades of grey and would provide a cool and formal look for your child. You can style the beautiful sharkskin suits in different ways according to the event you and your child are attending. Make sure that you choose the details of the sharkskin suits with care so that your child can have the best sharkskin outfit.
If you are convinced about choosing a sharkskin suit for your child then here are some ideas for you to try out. You can achieve any type of look with the popular sharkskin suits given that you choose the right type of the combining garments. Think about the type of the event and then make the right choice.
For a formal and classy style that could pass for even the most formal events, you could style the designer sharkskin suit with a white dress shirt, red print tie and a grey overcoat. To instantly turn up the appeal of this getup, you could add with it a tobacco wool hat and a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers. If your child isn’t ready for the overcoat then you can swap the two piece suit with a three piece suit since the vest can provide your child with extra warmth.
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While choosing the three piece sharkskin formal suit, you could go with the vest that is matching the suit or you could go with the contrasting colored vest. While the matching look is the usual style, you can create a different type of look with the contrasting colored vest. For example, you could style the sharkskin suits for kids with a light blue striped dress shirt, dark brown knit tie and a dark brown vest. To shake things up for this outfit, you can add with it a pair of tan socks and burgundy leather double monks.
If you do not want to go straight away with the formal styling of the suit for your child then you can try out the smart casual or the casual styling of the sharkskin kids suits. For a simple and cool style that could be the best for the summer and spring occasions, you could pair the sharkskin suits for celebrity with a light blue dress shirt and comfortably add a pair of white leather sneakers. But if you are looking for a classier approach then you can style the sharkskin designer suit with a black dress shirt and a black print pocket square. Now to properly finish off this look, you could add a pair of navy polka dot socks and black leather monks.

For a trendier and stylish smart casual look, you could style the exotic sharkskin suit with a black turtleneck and then finish off the look with a pair of charcoal socks and black suede loafers. For a simpler and easy to style look, you could pair the stylish kids sharkskin suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and then round off the look with a pair of white leather low top sneakers.