Kids houndstooth suit

Kids houndstooth suit

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Are you thinking of diversifying your child’s wardrobe? Do you want to include more patterns which aren’t boring for the little one? We have a suggestion for your next purchase – kids houndstooth suits. When it comes to the purchase of the formal garments, most people choose to go with the plain suits since they are the most versatile. But for children, versatility doesn’t matter as much as fashion. Also you must already be aware of the fashion superpower that these little ones possess – pulling off any style that they want to. Hence instead of always choosing the boring garments for them make sure that you find options like kids houndstooth suits that would revolutionize their style and make it more interesting.
For people who are weak in the pattern knowledge, houndstooth is multi-colored check pattern with jagged edges that resemblethe back teeth of the dogs. The houndstooth patterned garments were made of wool first but with time and technology advancements, the houndstooth suits are now available in different fabrics. There are also different variations of the houndstooth pattern but the traditional one is small and comes in subdued colors of brown and black.

If you have been looking for a winter suit that isn’t boring like the navy plain suits and more then you should try choosing the houndstooth fashion suits.Finding the right look matters and it is important that you go through various styles before you find the one that works for your child. It would be even better to take your child along while shopping for the suits. Use options like houndstooth suits near me to find the suits that are available easily in your area. Purchasing the houndstooth online provides you the advantage of choosing among thousands of style which isn’t the case with offline shopping. Hence take your time to check through the varieties available before making the choice.

History of houndstooth suits
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Fashion is always an interesting subject. It is fascinating to learn how a simple style went on to become a world famous one and more importantly continued to be popular even after centuries. If you are interested then here is the story of how the houndstooth style came into business.
The houndstooth fabric started out as a style that was used on the tweed fabrics. Tweed at that time was woven in hand and thus was thick. Tweed garments were mostly used for outdoor use and sporting events. Thus the houndstooth pattern is often associated with the country side. If you are a fan of the vintage patterns then you would definitely love the look.

When and where to wear houndstooth suits?

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As we have mentioned already, the houndstooth kids suits are best suited to be worn in autumn or winter. If the weather is chilly and you are attending an event that expects your child to dress up then you can choose to go with the kids houndstooth suit outfits. There are different options in terms of the pattern, weave, fabric and more. Hence we would suggest you to take some time to explore the various options available before making the choice.
As for the events for which you can wear these suits, it would be best to avoid the ones which are very serious and formal. The popular houndstooth suits still offer a slightly rustic look which might clash with the vibe of these formal events. You could easily style the suit for the semi formal and casual events – given that you choose the right style of the combining garments.

Styling of the houndstooth suits
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The children usually do not have much restrictions while being styled for the events. You can take some liberties in the dress codes when it is for the kids. The one thing that is most important to keep in mind while styling the kids would be to focus on the comfort.

While choosing the houndstooth suits for kids, make sure that you go with the comfortable fabrics. Wool suits are the best choice for the formal events and they are also known to be a comfortable choice. But if the event is happening in summer then choose something more comfortable and lightweight like cotton or linen houndstooth dress suits.
The fit of the suits also matter since extremely loose styles can make the children uncomfortable. If you have the budget, we would suggest you to choose the designer houndstooth suits or the branded suits for kids. While choosing these high quality readymade suits, make sure that the measurements are proper. If you are purchasing houndstooth suits online then we would suggest you to check the size chart and then make the relevant choice. Go through the various styles of the houndstooth suits on sale and then pick out the one that impresses you.

As for the styling of the iconic style houndstooth suits, here are some ideas for you to check out. If it is a formal church wedding that you are dressing your child then you can go with the three piece houndstooth suit style. Styling the light brown houndstooth formal suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie is a cool look. You can finish off the look by adding with it a pair of black leather oxford shoes.

For a more stylish look, you can style the double breasted beautiful houndstooth suit with a white dress shirt and a navy plaid tie. Adding with it a navy print scarf and a pair of dark brown leather double monks would be a cool way to complete the look. It is possible for your child to feel uncomfortable in the suit especially if it is the first time. In that case, tone down the look by styling the shiny houndstooth suits as separates. For example, you can style the navy blazer with a brown street style houndstooth suit vest, white dress shirt and dark brown pants. To make the look more interesting, add a pair of dark brown leather Chelsea boots.