Children Tuxedo


Boys Single Breasted Purple BlazerIt is important that we dress our children beautifully since we are deep into the photo taking season. The events like Christmas, Easter and many more are on the way and thus it is time to think about getting formal clothing for your children. As for boys, children are the most classic and stylish garment that you can find in the market. In this article we discuss about tuxedos and the things that you will have to note to make the best purchase.

Dressing a child is never an easy job since there are grown ups who still struggle to pink out their own outfit. Also these little humans are hard to impress and almost impossible to please. Thus you will have to put some extra effort while picking out the tuxedo for your child. This is especially true if you are introducing your child to the formal garments for the first time. These children will be used to the comfort of the t-shirt and shorts and when they see the layers involved in the tuxedos chaos starts. Thus if you are new to the job then here are some things that we think will help you through the process.

Boys Dark Black TuxedoAs we have mentioned before the children aren't very accommodating especially when it comes to uncomfortable clothing. Like us they do not have the obligation of being in the clothing so that they look good. Because let's face it they do look good in anything they wear and most importantly they do not care. Thus when you first select the tuxedos keep comfort as the major influencing factor for your purchase.

The material from which the tuxedo is made of greatly influences the comfort that the garment offers. While selecting the material you should also check whether it conforms to the nature of the event you are getting the tuxedo for and the climate at which it is going to happen. For example if it is in winter then wool tuxedo would be the best while for summer it is best to go with lightweight ones like linen tuxedos and seersucker tuxedos.

Boys Indigo Color Vested SuitsKeeping in mind the comfort factor the recommendation that you will get most is to go with wool tuxedos. This is because of the fact that the material is soft and breathable which makes the child comfortable in the garment. It allows the air to pass through making it cool during the day and warm at night. Also wool tuxedos are available in the market easily and there are a lot of variations available too. This makes the picking easier and more fun.

But if you live in a tropical country or if it is simply a summer event then your child would start to feel stuffy in the wool tuxedo. This may result in a crappy child who wants to get out of the tuxedo as soon as possible. Thus it is better to plan it beforehand and go with lightweight tuxedos that your child will feel comfortable in. If the summer event is a formal one cotton tuxedos are recommended as a replacement for wool tuxedos. But if it is a semi formal event then you can go with linen tuxedos. These are lightweight and have great moisture wicking properties making them best for people who dislike sweating too much. When it is outdoor event like garden parties and beach weddings it is inevitable that your child moves around a bit and in these cases breathable fabrics like linen and cotton are the best. For casual events you can try out the seersucker tuxedos.

Boys Grey 1 Button SuitBut if the event is a dressy one or the one in which your child plays a major role like flower boy or ring bearer you can go with luxurious ones like silk tuxedos or velvet tuxedos. This will give your child an impeccable look that will be sure to turn heads for your little one. These fabrics are also breathable and comfortable to wear. Synthetic ones like polyester tuxedos and rayon tuxedos are mostly not recommended for children of less than 12 years of age. These fabrics are the best when you need a cheap garment but will not be comfortable to wear like the above mentioned natural fabrics. Thus it is mostly avoided for small children who can easily develop skin allergies due to the artificial dyes and chemicals in the synthetic garments.

Another thing that the climate at which the event is conducted influences is the type of the tuxedos. For example 3 piece tuxedos are best for Christmas and winter weddings since the vest as an extra layer can provide warmth to your little one while greatly improving the style of his outfit. But the same garment might be stuffy to wear when the event is a summer one. In these cases it is best to lose either the jacket or the vest and go with the 2 piece tuxedos so that he feels comfortable wearing the outfit.

Boys Solid Rust Tuxedo SuitIn the same way single breasted tuxedos are lighter when compared with double breasted tuxedos. Also single breasted tuxedos are more versatile since it can be worn to both formal and casual events. There aren't many events that require the children to be dressed in strictly formal garments and thus it is best to avoid double breasted tuxedos for your first buy.

The next thing that you will have to note is the color of the tuxedos that you buy. This does not influence the comfort of the garment but is an important factor since the color of the garment is one thing that children tend to have an interest on. Thus it is better to take your child's opinion on the color of tuxedos that you choose from them.

Two Button Boys TuxedoAs for the basics of selecting the color of tuxedos the same rule applies when we select the tuxedos for ourselves; Darker colors for formal events and lighter colors for casual events. Thus consider the event that you are dressing your child for and then decide on the color of the tuxedo. If you are attending a formal wedding or a Christmas service then you can dress your child in black tuxedo or navy tuxedo. The dark color on the tuxedo will give a formal, classy look to the garment thus making it suitable for the serious atmosphere of the event.

Gray is also a great color when you need a break from the navy and black tuxedos. Charcoal gray tuxedos can also be worn to the formal events. But for a little more distinct style of dark garments you can try out the burgundy tuxedos and olive green tuxedos. These aren't the usual dark colors and can look great on your child.

Boys Black Color SuitWhen it comes to semi formal or casual events you can opt to go with lighter and brighter colors of tuxedos. Royal blue tuxedos and maroon tuxedos are some of the recommendations for a brighter look. The climate at that time of the event can also be taken into account while selecting the color of the tuxedos. Dark ones like black tuxedos and charcoal gray tuxedos are recommended for winter events while you can go for a lighter look when it is a summer event. This is because of the fact that the lighter colors pop out too much in gloomy seasons like winter but looks great under the natural light of warmer months like summer and spring. Thus the lighter ones like ivory tuxedos and cream tuxedos are recommended for summer events like beach weddings and parties. Also it is a fact that the dark colored garments are likely to absorb and retain a lot of heat when compared with the light colored garments.

Another thing that you will have to remember while selecting the color of the tuxedos is that you are choosing the garment for your child and not for yourself. While it may be unthinkable to choose garments like hot pink tuxedos and light green tuxedos for yourself your child can pull it off with an ease. So do not restrict the colors keeping in mind your selection of outfits. Branch out with colors that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself. For example while most grownups avoid white tuxedos a child can easily pull off the white tuxedo look for any summer event. You can also try out fashion tuxedos like western tuxedos and such.

Two Buttons Blue Boys SuitFor a distinct style you can select the patterned children garments. Plaid tuxedos and striped tuxedos are the best when you need a subtle style for your child. Floral tuxedos and paisley tuxedos are best to be in silk since it is a dressy luxurious look. As for the lapels on the tuxedos jacket you can go with peak lapel tuxedos for formal events while the shawl lapel tuxedos are recommended for dressy events.

While we tell you to branch out it is best to take your child along for shopping of the tuxedos. Never go with a style that your child feels uncomfortable in. Try to consider their opinions if they are of the age. This will not only help your purchasing easier but also will help your child create their own sense of fashion in the future. Also suits and tuxedos are garments that they will wear in the future and introducing them in the early age can make them used to the garment much easily in the future.

Boys Lavender Color Vested SuitsAs for styling the tuxedos the basic look is to pair the tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a matching bow tie to the tuxedo. You can add a vest or forgo that option. While this is a good look for any formal event you can slightly change the styling to get a stylish yet elegant outfit for your children. You can also use the tuxedos as separates if your child is not comfortable with the full tuxedo look.

For a slightly dressy look you can swap the solid dress shirt with a floral dress shirt or silk dress shirt paired with the tuxedo. For a cute look you can lose the tuxedo jacket and instead go with the dress shirt paired with a vest and tuxedo pants. As for the styling of tuxedo jacket as separates you can pair it with matching dress pants, a dress shirt and a close knit sweater when you need a smart casual look.

Boys Red Black Vest SuitA tuxedo jacket usually has lapels that are in the same color as the rest of the tuxedo jacket. But when you need a stylish look you can go with tuxedo jacket that has different colored lapel on it. For example a red tuxedo jacket with black lapels can be paired with matching dress pants and a black bow tie to create a proper contrasting look. For a dressier look you can pair the light blue tuxedo jacket with black lapel with black dress pants and black bow tie so that a proper contrast is created between the jacket and the trousers of the tuxedos.

As for the fit of the tuxedos most parents tend to go with outrageously loose ones reasoning that children grow the size of the garments. But the purpose of dressing up your children is lost when you put them in ill fitting garments. Thus go with fitting tuxedos that complement the body type of your child. Skinny fit tuxedos and slim fit tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended for the small children. When your child prefers a roomier fit you can choose to go with classic fit tuxedos.