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When it comes to suits, there are different types. We usually go with the standard style suits but for there are events for which we can dress casually. If you are looking for suits for these costume events and such then you should choose the long Zoot suits. This is the same for the children too. Children long suits tend to offer an interesting and cool style for the little ones. The Zoot suits have long been in menswear and the look is quite eye catching. In this article, we discuss the children Zoot suits and the history involved with it.
If you are new to the style then Zoot suit can be quite interesting from the new perspective. You might even wonder how this outrageous style has managed to remain in style for decades. But when you take the time to look at the artistic side and get to know the history behind the style, you will come to love the style.
The Zoot suits come with wide shoulders which usually have shoulder pads in them aided with the large lapels. This look is further enhanced by a pair of ballooned peg leg pants with the cuffs fitting snugly at the ankles. The Zoot suits have the power to easily get the attention to the wearer and the strong presence is not only because of the style but also because of the history.

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The history behind the Zoot suits is not much fun but there are important points to be noted. After all, history remains for us to learn from the past mistakes. The Zoot suits were associated with the Mexican American community and other minority communities in the United States. The popular long suits became the first style that caused widespread civil unrest in America.

The Zoot suit style originated in the mid 1930s as a drape suit that is popular in Harlem dance halls. The tapering of the trousers and them being cuffed at the ends was done so that the dancing couples don’t trip. The long Zoot suit style became popular among the minority men in the working class during the 1940s. Though the Zoot suits also were worn by the big stars, it still was originally considered to be a garment that came right out of the streets rather than being a posh style.

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The stylish Zoot suits soon became a favourite of the young people who used it as a style that shows that they refuse being ignored. They considered this fashion as a way of claiming a space for themselves. But soon the war came and the fabrics were rationed. Since Zoot suits use excess material which can be used to create two regular suits, the price of the long Zoot outfits was increased. This made it hard for the young men to purchase the style. The policemen even slashed the remaining Zoot suits making it one of the reason for the style to disappear during the 1950s.

While you are researching about the Zoot suits, you might have come across the term Zoot suit riots. The riots took place in 1943 at Los Angeles. It basically involved the U.S. servicemen attacking young men belonging to the minority groups. You might be wondering on what Zoot suit has to do with these riots. The policemen targeted young people who wore Zoot suits. They reasoned that these people were unpatriotic since they were wearing Zoot suits even during the wartimes. But the attacks were more about the race rather than the style. The attacks lasted for about 5 days and the police arrested about 600 young Latinos even though they were mostly the victims.
While the Los Angeles department declared this incident has been caused by the Mexican juvenile delinquents, the riots marked a great change in the attitude of the young people in the minority groups. As a result, the exotic style long suits had a luxurious afterlife, with the style becoming popular all over the world. There were music written referencing the Zoot suits and big stars wore the Zoot suits in their films. Even today the iconic style long suits remain to be a cultural symbol.

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The long Zoot suits costume is also a popular choice for the Halloween and other costume events.Long Zoot children suits are a great way to introduce trendy styles to your child. You just have to find the right event for dressing the child in the long zoot dress suits. If you are dressing the child for Halloween then you can try out The Mask look. In the particular film, Jim Carrey wears a bright yellow long Zoot designer suit. For the particular costume, you can choose a bright yellow long Zoot fashion suit with a white dress shirt and a navy floral tie. You might have to get a matching yellow Fedora hat and a feather on it. Complete the look by adding a pair of white socks and black leather loafers. Do not forget the green mask since it is the major point of the outfit.

If you are thinking of choosing the suits then make sure that you choose the premium quality Zoot suits. You can use the Zoot suits near me option to find the stores and sites that have the long Zoot suits on sale. If you are purchasing the long Zoot suits online then you can check variety of styles before making the choice. You can choose the costly Zoot suits in stores but you can also go with the cheap long suits. Finding the right look matters the most and take your time to choose it right. If you are new to the Zoot suit look then you can go with the subtler choices like navy or grey long Zoot suit styles. The children can pull off any look but make sure that is appropriate for the event you are attending.