Children's lavender suit

 suitWhen choosing the children suits we always recommend people to choose something that will be different than what they would pick themselves. For example we usually go with the navy suits or grey suits but the children have a long way until they want to conform with the monochromatic standards. In that case we would suggest you to go with the lavender suits. Lavender is a color that most people avoid but the children could easily pull off the style without much effort. If you want to know more about the suits then read this article further.

Lavender isn’t a rare color and chances are high that you might have come across the color already. But if you want the right definition for lavender then it can be defined as the light shade of purple. The name of the color comes from the flower which also has the same name since the flower is also of the same color. Lavender as a color is breezy and is known to symbolize purity and love. Because of its cool shade the color is known for spiritual healing and purification. This would be a perfect color for the children. Instead of the monotone colors like black and grey these type of shades would give the children an interesting style.

Children lavender There are a lot of styles in the children suits and you can choose the style which would suit you. Since lavender is a cool shade you can style them easily for any seasons but they are much suited for the summer and spring events. The type of the event that you are attending will also determine the style of the suit that you need. For example if there is a formal event you can choose 3 piece lavender suits but for a casual and fun event you can choose lavender fashion Zoot suits. To find the right style for your child you first will have to know about the available styles and for that we would suggest you to go through the lavender suits online. Once you know your options you can filter out the styles according to your need.

While styling the lavender suits the key is to keep it simple. Despite being a light shade lavender tends to demand attention and when you pair it with another bright color then your child’s outfit might turn clownish. Thus be careful while you are choosing the combining garments to be paired with the boys lavender suits. We would suggest you to stick with the neutral shades like gray, white or beige since they would rightly bring out the brilliance of the lavender suit creating nicely coordinated combinations.

If you are thinking about the styling then we are here to help you. Here are some of the best lavender suit outfits which can give you an idea to get started. For a formal yet stylish look that can work for a formal event you can choose to style the double breasted lavender color suit along with a white dress shirt and a dark purple Paisley tie. To shake up the style a little bit you can add with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers. Usually single breasted suits are the preferred choice for men since it is more versatile but when you want a different and more stylish look then we would suggest you to go with the double breasted suits.

If you are looking for a simple and smart outfit then we would suggest you to style the 2 button lavender suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. This is one of the easiest styles to choose since anyone can pull it off. To perfectly finish it off you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

 lavender suitBut if there is a semi formal event involved then you can lose out the formal styling and include some casual garments to the mix. A simple and easy to put together look is to pair the lavender dress suit with a white dress shirt and then a pair of black leather loafers. While this is a common style you can try out other styles if you want your child’s outfit to stand out. For example you can swap the white dress shirt with a light grey dress shirt and a white pocket square. Instead of the black shoes which most people would go with tan leather Chelsea boots to give the outfit a cool look.

On the other hand if the event you attend is informal in nature then you can go with the smart casual styling of the suits. Children’s lavender suit paired with a white striped long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. This is a cool and appropriate outfit to be worn for the Casual summer and spring events. While choosing these garments make sure that you choose the right type of fabric. To tackle the heat you can choose to go with the cotton lavender suits or the linen lavender suits.

If you are looking for a tonal type of outfit then we would suggest you go style the lavender boys suit with a blue chambray dress shirt and a navy print pocket square. To complement the lavender suit outfit perfectly add with it a pair of brown leather dress boots. Other than this you can also style the children suit with a light violet dress shirt and a pair of brown leather double monks.

If you are bored with the plain styles and want a more detailed style then we would suggest you to go with patterned suits. For starters lavender pinstripe suits would be the best choice. But while dressing for a special occasion like while looking for lavender wedding suits then go with a dressier styles like lavender floral suits or children print lavender suits.