Boys White Suit

Boys White Suit

Boys suitWhen we talk about suits most of us would instantly picture the navy suits or the black suits since they are the most common ones. But this is not the case with white suits since the idea of wearing a full white suit is a feat that requires the kamala Harris type of confidence. But when it comes to men we would restrain ourselves with more subtle colors of suits since we think that the white suit look is hard to pull off. While this may be true for some parts this is not the same case with children. Thus we would recommend you to get a boys suit that your child can try out for the upcoming event you are attending as a family. In this article we discuss why it is a good choice to get your child a boys suit and some of the best ways in which you can help them style it.

When we picture white suit on men our mind almost instantly drifts towards the al Pacino white suit in the godfather or the jay gets by white suit. Both of these characters are fashion conscious men and thus pulled off the suit with style. Most of us would hesitate to try on this style but when it comes to children there is no point in hesitating. Children tend to pull off styles that are hard to even think about trying for us. Also there are very few events in which your child gets to dress up. And for those rare events you don’t need your child to go on with the usual boring navy suit style. And if you take a look at your closet you might understand that you child has a lot of time in which he can be dressed in navy suits when he is a grown up. Thus don’t restrict the children with the conventional suits at the small age.

 white suitThat being said white suits are still a bold fashion statement and thus you will have to take note on when you style your child in the white suit. Make sure that the event that you attend is in a nature that accommodates your child wearing a boys suit. For example the white suit might be a little flashy for the formal evening event but when it comes to a summer wedding then you do not hesitate in dressing your child in boys suit unless the dress code of the wedding states otherwise. The next thing that you will have to focus on is to properly style the white suit. It is true that children can pull off unconventional with surprisingly good amount of ease it does not mean that you can simply throw any garment on the sight and then make the outfit. Thus it will be a good choice if you take in some time to research the styles that would make the suit work for your child. While the white suit can be a rare style it when styled carefully can be a chic outfit for the modern times.

The boys suit is a bright style and thus might not be a good choice for dull seasons like winter or fall. They stand out too much during these seasons thus attracting a lot of attraction but if your child doesn’t mind being the center of attraction then this might not be a problem. The white suits are mostly recommended for the summer and spring events since they match the celebratory and fun vibe of these seasons.

 suitThe fabric from which the white suit is made should depend on the season at which you are going to use the suit. The fabric of the suit is an important factor to note especially with the children’s clothing since they tend to have sensitive skin. Also they have less tolerance for uncomfortable clothing since they are used to the comfortable and soft casual clothing. Thus take extra care while selecting the toddler white suits or any boys formal garments.

Wool boys white suits are considered to be one of the best options for the child especially if you live in a cold place. Wool garments have natural insulation and can be availed in different weights. They are of reasonable price and thus are one of the most popular options. Wool flannel boys white suits and worsted wool boys white suits are some of the variations you can try out of you think that the plain white suit is a simple and boring look. If you want a lightweight alternative to the wool suits then you can opt for the cotton boys white suits. Cotton is a good fabric choice for the children since it works the best for the sensitive skin. It also keeps the wearer cool even in hot temperatures making it a good choice for the ever active children especially in the summer days. Linen boys white suits are another choice when you need a breathable summer garment. They are in fact better than cotton suits in terms of breathability but they tend to wrinkle fast. If you are concerned about the wrinkles go with the wool blended linen boys white suits which tend to wrinkle less.

Boys For a more flashy style that is appropriate for important events like weddings you can go with the choice of silk suits. The luxurious white suits will have a unique and rich look about them and can be a good choice if your child is the ring bearer or the flower boy for the event. If you consider the price of the natural fabric suits to be high then you can choose to go with the synthetic ones like polyester boys white suits or rayon boys white suits. But keep in mind that the chemical processing might cause some allergic reactions for the children and also the durability of the synthetic garments are much less when compared to the natural fabric ones.

After you decide on the fabric of the suits make sure that you check on the smaller details like the hems on the inside of the suits, the buttons on it and the zips. The unfinished hems on the inside of the suits can make the children uncomfortable and thus make sure you check on these details.

 white As for styling the white suits there are details that matter a lot even if they seem to be insignificant. Now here are some ideas that might help you in the styling process. When you want to dress up your child for a formal event say a summer wedding it is best to go with light colored combining garments so as to maintain a cool look. A single breasted boys suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black skinny tie is a great look that you can easily put together. You can complete the look with a black pocket square and a pair of black leather oxford shoes. When you want to get a contrasting look then you can go for the three piece boys white suit by combining the white suit with a pale pink striped dress shirt and a black knit tie. The 3 piece boys white suit look is a good choice when you attend the event on a slightly chilly day. The extra layer on the vested suit will provide your child with warmth and also you need not fight them to keep on the overcoat. For a more relaxed look you can dress your child in a 2 button boys white suit with a light blue dress shirt and simply lose the tie option. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.

As for the construction of the boys suit go with a half lined white suit or a unlined suit so that your child can wear it comfortably throughout the day. Also go with the soft tailoring so that the suit does not feel stiff when worn by your child. As for the material of the shirt that you wear with the suit go with the cotton shirt. Linen shirts are also a good choice but you still have the concern of it wrinkling. As for the ties the silk ties give a rich and flashy look while the knitted ones can give out a sophisticated vibe. You can choose the styles that conform with your child’s taste.

Boys For this you can take your child along when you go shopping for the suit. Let them give their opinions and this will a good way to develop their own sense of style. Taking along your child might be a good choice especially if they are getting their first suit since it will be their official step into the world of formal clothing.

Now if you are styling the boys suit in a smart casual style for your child then here are some styling tips. A notch lapel white suit paired with a black crew neck t-shirt might be a great look when you need a stark contrasting style for your child. The contrast between the white suit and black t-shirt will make the outfit more recognizable and it can be completed with a pair of grey canvas low top sneakers. For a smart casual style you can pair the peak lapel boys white suit with a tobacco long sleeve shirt and dark brown print pocket square. To give a new dimension to this outfit you can add a pair of brown leather sandals.

The shawl lapel white suit is a more dressy style that you can let your child wear for the weddings. In most of the weddings the outfit of the ring bearer is a small version of the groom’s outfit and the shawl lapel suit is a good choice for this situation. Boys suit with black lapel is a good style which you can pair with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather oxford shoes.

For a more casual and laid back style for your child you can style the boys suit with casual garments. For example the you can choose to style the floral dress shirts with the white suits when you want a bold style. When the suit is paired with plain simple combining garments like white dress shirt or light blue dress shirt then the suit becomes the main piece of the outfit. But when you pair the boys suit with printed shirts then remember that you are choosing to go with a bolder style. For example you can pair the double breasted white suit with a multi colored floral short sleeve shirt for a cool and polished look. To ground the bold style of the outfit you can add with it a pair of dark brown suede loafers. The thing with this outfit is that the button stance of double breasted white suit is high and thus most of the floral shirt will not be visible giving the viewer only a glance. This makes the outfit work perfectly despite the busy look.

Lastly the fit of the boys white suit is the factor to note. Since it is a bold look people tend to notice the white suits more and this makes the need to get a perfectly fitted outfit more important. Never go for the baggy styles and make sure that you go with a nicely fitting look for your child based on their body type. Slim fit boys white suits and skinny fit boys white suits are best for lean children. Classic fit boys white suits and big and tall boys white suits are best when you need a comfortable fit.