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Boys Slim Suit

Boys slim suitEnough articles have been written emphasizing the importance of the right fit of the suit. But there are still people who doesn’t mind it much and go with atrocious fits making the whole outfit look sloppy. Thus while choosing the fit of the suit take into account your body type and what would look flattering on you. Custom made suits are indeed the best but we can’t always go with the same because of the price. Our recommendation would be for you to always go with boys slim suits if possible. Try it on and only when it doesn’t suit you move on to the other fits. In this article we will discuss more about suits and the right way to style them.

The boys suits usually look great since they sit close to the body of the wearer. Even if you are a person who has a mid type of build going with the appropriate size of the boys slim suit would make you look slimmer and taller. While choosing the slim suits there are a few things to note but the main thing that you should do is to try on the suit. If you are purchasing it offline then this is an easy job to do. Try on the suit and only when you are convinced buy it. If you are purchasing the boys slim suit online then you should know your measurements so that the look is perfect. Thus visit your tailor to get your measurements done and then compare it with the size chart provided in the online websites. One thing that we want you to remember is that any fit other than custom made suits would not look perfect on you. Thus once you get a satisfied choice take it to your tailor to make the amendments which can make it look perfect for you.

Boys slim suitIf you are looking for inspiration while styling the boys suits then you can have numerous ideas just by keeping your eyes open for the fashion while watching the television. Suits have become a common choice among the celebrities and the great thing here is that they are not sticking with the same old styling of the suit with the dress shirt and formal shoes. There are innovative styling of the slim suits taken forward by the celebrities and these are easily becoming the trend. Thus if you are thinking about styling your suits in a different way than the usual here are some celebrity suit ideas which might help you fix on an idea.

Tom Hiddleston

If you are a person who likes to stick with the formal suit style but with subtle changes that makes it stand out then you should definitely check out Tom Hiddleston’s red carpet outfits. The man effortlessly pulls off the suits and we are loving it. For the empire awards the Loki starrer was seen rocking a navy boys slim 2 piece suit with a white dress shirt and a red tie. While this might look like an usual choice what made it stand out is the presence of small checks on the suit. Inclusion of subtle patterns like checks and Pinstripes to the boys slim dress suits would make your outfit more interesting.


Boys slim suitTimothee has been the talk of the year when it comes to fashion community and the Dune starrer never seems to disappoint both with his fashion choices and his acting skills. Timothee is well known to stun the crowd with his statement suits of bright colors. If you are a person who likes a little color to your outfit then you should definitely try out Timothee’s boys slim suit outfits.

He has covered a vast variety of the styles and thus can relate with variety of dressers. For example he was spotted wearing a formal boys slim tuxedo suit but at the same time you would have seen him wearing a fuchsia velvet slim suit boys. Thus you should take time to evaluate the outfits of Timothee Chalamat and believe us when we say that there a lot of style lessons to learn.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Boys slim suitJake Gyllenhaal has had some major style moments on the red carpets and like Timothee he also has a wide spectrum for fashion. While you would mostly spot him wearing simple and subtle slim suit jacket blazer outfits he also can steal the attention with outfits like the one he wore for golden globe awards. For this event the man was spotted rocking a lavender boys 3 button slim suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a matching lavender cummerbund. Usually people would go with the slicked back hair for this outfit but Jake decided to complete it with a stylishly messy hairstyle and a pair of black leather formal shoes.

Harry Styles

While talking about the celebrities modern take on the suits we could never complete the conversation without Harry styles. Apart from choosing gender fluid clothing and alternating between tuxedos and dresses Harry also loves trying out new styles of the suits. The sign of the times singer also loves patterns on his suits. If you are a person who likes to try a myriad of colors and patterns on your outfit then you should check out Harry styles’ boys slim suit jacket outfits. The burst of colors on these types of styles would be suitable for summer and spring thus making it great choices for boys slim linen suits. As for the patterns the first time pattern users can go with pinstripe suits or boys slim windowpane suits since they are easy to pull off.

Nick Jonas

If you like to go with the modern styles of the suits but also would like to stay on the safer side then you should try going with Nick Jonas type outfits. You might spot him wearing a boldly patterned slim suit jacket boys but at the same time he would also appear the next day wearing a simple black boys slim wedding suit.