Boys Silver Suit

Boys Silver Suits

Single Breasted Silver Color SuitShiny suits have been synonymous with cheap styles for a long time especially when it comes to men. But what if we say that the trend has changed and there are super expensive suits that would cost you a whole month’s paycheck that come in shiny texture. Are you intrigued? We are too especially when some of our beloved celebrities seem to be very taken with these styles. There are various levels of extreme with these shiny suits but today we want you to know about the most mellow style that you can try for your own which is the boys silver suits.

No we are not talking about the astronaut type shiny suits but more of a slightly shiny grey suits that you can definitely pull off without feeling any type of embarrassment. Men's silver suits are a good style when you take the first step into the shiny suit business. They aren’t too much eye catching and because of the neutral shade they also blend in well with almost any garments. When choosing these boys suits the only thing we want you to be careful of is the level of shine. There is a fine line where the silver suits look stylish and cheap. If you see your face reflecting on the sleeves of the suit jacket then it is well beyond the line of cheap and thus it is time to tone down the shininess of the suit a bit.

The type of the silver suit that you choose should depend on the type of look that you prefer and the events that you frequent. The red shiny suit and the pink ones that you see the celebrities strut in solely belong to the red carpet or the runways and we know that would never work out for our daily style. But boys suits are not like that given that you select the right shade and style it properly.

Silver business suit

Two Buttons Silver Boys SuitSilver and business together might sound like a odd mix but it is not so much when you tone down the shiny look of the suit. For a cool boys silver business suit style it would be best if you go with the charcoal grey suits with the slight sheen. But however formal the suit might be the attract more attention than you might like if you style it for a simple day at office. Thus reserve these silver color suit designs for the special occasions like work dinners and such.

Silver tuxedo suit

This is one of the easiest styles for you to pull off especially if you are a person who receives invitation for a black tie event once or twice in a year. These events are meant for people to be dressed up and thus you don’t have to feel self conscious because of a little bit of sheen. For these events we can bet that 90% of the attendees will turn up wearing the same old black tuxedo with white tuxedo shirt and black tie attire. Though it might be greatly tempting to go with the same trend and be done with it, the pleasure that you get when you see the appreciative glances thrown your way is oddly rewarding for going through all the hassle of picking out the right outfit. To make yourself the maverick among the crowd and earn some respect we would recommend you to go styling the silver grey tuxedo suit with a white tuxedo shirt and a velvet tie. Black patent leather Oxford shoes would be a fitting choice to finish off this look. But if you want your look to be more striking then go with the contrasting choice of black and silver suit.

If the event is more casual and you won’t be sent out for not showing up in the black tuxedo then we would recommend you to try something new. For example you can go with the silver vest black suit look which might technically follow all the rules of the black tie attire but with your own personalized touch. For a more subtle and formal look you can style the boys silver jacket suit with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black dress pants.

Casual silver suit ideas

Mens Single Breasted Silver Gray ~ Grey & Black Lapel Tuxedo Peak Lapel Sharkskin Fabric Two Toned Suit 1Among all the other styles that you can achieve with the boys silver suits the most fitting style is the casual look. The sheen of the garment indeed causes it to look more casual than compared to any style and when you learn to utilize it to the best then the boys silver suit would be one of your favorite addition to your wardrobe.

The events for which you can make these casual boys silver suit outfits work must also be casual and fun. For example if you are confused about selecting an outfit that would be best for your prom evening then there are lot of suggestions we have for your boys silver prom suit outfit. If the event is more of a formal one then you can go with the above mentioned black and silver suit tuxedo or boys silver 3 piece suit ideas. But if it is of a much casual one without any dress codes then your options are limitless. Try the patterned boys silver suit jackets and then pair them with the solid combining garments. For example Paisley boys silver suit jacket paired with black shirt and black pants would be an awe inspiring look.

As for the party style outfits then you can try more flashy looks. We are talking about sequin and glitter level of flashiness since we deserve to enjoy after toiling throughout the week. Our favorite outfit is to style the boys silver glitter suit jacket with a black silk dress shirt and black dress pants. You can also try your hand with boys silver sequin suit jacket and you can kick the look off with black leather Chelsea boots.