Boys Purple Suit

Boys Purple Suit

boy purple suitPurple is a beautiful color but it is also not greatly favored by men. But in recent times boys purple suits are making an appearance in the runways and famous fashion designer shows. Boys suits would be a perfect choice for a person who wants to try a new style since purple is said to signify creativity, luxury and peace of mind. If you are convinced to try the purple suits but do not know why we are here. Read the article further to know about the details involved and how to best wear the garment.

Purple was a rare dye to acquire in the early times and thus it was usually reserved for the kings and royals. But the clothing industry has come a long way since then and now anyone can wear a purple garment. But the sad part is that most men do not try out these new colors and instead opt to stick with the usual grey and navy. Thus we come advising you to step out of your bubble to make a print in the fashion world or atleast among your friends.

The thing with our minds is that when we mention a word we tend to imagine the most extreme outcome from it. For example when red is mentioned our minds would conjure up the bright blood red color but would never think of Burgundy. This is the same with purple but in reality there are a lot of shades in suits and you can choose the style that is best for you. For example if you are a person who is used to the subtle colors and garments then you should go with the dark purple suit boy and then once you are used to the style you can go with the lighter shades of the garment.

Now when styling the boys suits you will have to pay special attention to the color of the combining garments to achieve the right coordination. Here are some combinations that we think would look flattering on you.

Purple + white

boy purple suitBe it purple suits or any color suits there is no way that white would not pair well with it. The reason why white combining garments are always the style favorite for men is that it works as the backdrop and let the main garment shine instead of fighting for attention. Thus if you are trying the boys purple suit outfit for the first time then always go with white combining garments.

For a dressy and dapper look that will turn heads your way you can pair the boys purple formal suit with a white dress shirt and dark purple Paisley tie. To go in the informal path for the too formal look you can add with it dark purple leather tassel loafers. For a smart casual style that can work for the semi formal and casual summer events you can style the boys purple slim suit with a white crew neck tshirt and white canvas low top sneakers. If you want a little more serious look then swap the crew neck tshirt in the above outfit with the white dress shirt.

Purple + black

boy purple suitBlack is an unexpected color that pairs well with purple. Though black is a neutral color it does not pair easily with all colors. While the purple with white outfits would give a formal and standard look the black with purple outfits would provide you with a classy and trendy look which you can rock to the weekend parties and such.

If you want an inspirational look by one of the favorite celebrities then go with Shawn Mendes’ purple suit look. For the Grammy awards he looked delectable in the purple dinner boys suit which he paired with the black silk dress shirt. To finish off the stylish and awe worthy look of the ensemble he added with it a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a more standard look that you can sometimes wear to your office you can style the boys all purple suit with a white dress shirt and black slim tie. To match the black look in the outfit you can add with it black leather Oxford shoes.

Purple + Blue

boy purple suitBlue thankfully is a color that most men feel comfortable with and thus there would be no need for you to find new blue combining garments to pair with the boys purple suits. Try different shades of blue to create various looks with the boys purple suits that would work depending on the nature of the event.

If you are a lover of tonal styles then you would definitely love the outfit that consists of boys toddler purple suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and a dark violet tie. To give it a awesome look you can add the purple suit outfit with dark brown wool hat and brown leather double monks. But when you want to venture more into the trendy look then you can style the boys purple velvet suit with navy dress shirt and a light blue pocket square. Instead of the usual black and brown shoes try a new style by going with the navy leather tassel loafers.

While the dark purple boys suits tend to give out a formal look the light purple suits have a more casual look. Thus Dave the latter for the casual events that happen in summer or spring. Other than this while we stick with the plain suits for most of the time there is a whole world of patterned suits that will give you a great look and all you have to do is to just try it. For example if you want a boys purple prom suit outfit then you can style the purple pinstripe suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. Other than this you can also try the fashionable choices like boys purple coat suit and boys purple Zoot suit.