Boys Plum Suit

Boys Plum Suit

Boys suitThe color options in formal menswear is terribly limited or it is made to believe to be so. There are colors that are designated to be men’s and some for women. If you need proof think of all the colors that you consider pretty are termed to be women’s colors. Fashion needs to be fluid and thus when we spotted signs that this stigma is starting to break we were ecstatic. We come torch bearing for some colors that have long been underutilized in menswear. plum suits are one of the garments that are at the top of our list.

Plum refers to a warm and vibrant color that resembles purple but has a much more red tone. You might have guessed already that the name comes from the fruit plum since it has the same color. Plum is a color that is often mistaken for purple but in reality it is a color that lies somewhere between purple and magenta. Plum is a deep color that is considered to be regal and classic.

Plum is now trending a great deal and is often spotted on the runways and thus this is the right time for you to try the suits if you have the inclination to do so. If you had read the description of the color that is mentioned above or just have taken a look at the color you might know that the color does not only belong the runways but with proper styling they can be at your everyday wardrobe. While there are shades available in the boys suits most are dark and come with a red tone that can work for the formal events.

If you are trying out the suits for the first time there is a great chance that you are feeling self conscious about the outfit and thus you can go wearing them for the casual or the semi formal occasions. The luscious shade of the boys suits make them a perfect pick for the special and important events like the dinner events and sometimes even the black tie ones which come with creative black tie dress code. Thus consider the event that you frequent often and where it is possible to rock the plum suits and then find the right shade.

Styling the suits might look intimidating especially for a person who has stuck with the conventional suit colors for most of his suiting life. If you are one among them but want to step out of the bubble to try the boys suits then we are here to help. Here are some of the ideas for the plum suit boys outfits that we think are worth mentioning.

The color combination for the suit outfits should be carefully picked out for the look to be perfect.

Plum + white

 plum suitWhite is the color that is our first recommendation since it is the easiest and also the most conventional look for any garment. If you are a first time dresser then you might be looking for something that does not gain much attention towards your side. Then boys suits paired with white combining garments is your best choice.

For a formal and standard look you can simply put together the plum color boys suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. To accentuate the outfit further you can add with it a white pocket square and then for the footwear maintain the formal look with the black leather oxford shoes. But if the event is black tie then you can go all luxurious by styling the boys plum tuxedo suit with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie.

If you find the previous outfit to be too uptight then lose all the extra garments. For a stylish and kings man worthy style you can pair the casual boys plum suit with a white dress shirt and white pocket square. Usually people go with the easier choice of black oxford shoes but to shake things up a little go with dark brown leather double monks. For a smart and casual look you can choose to style the boys plum slimfit suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and then a white canvas low top sneakers.

Plum + blue

 suitFor an amazing and dressy look you can style the boys plum suit wedding with a white dress shirt, blue tie and navy print pocket square. Instead of the usual black and brown shoes you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of burgundy leather oxford shoes.

Need a bolder look? Then ditch the lighter shades and try out the darker combining garments. For example swapping the white dress shirt for a blue long sleeve shirt would be a good start when you need a casually stunning look. Burgundy leather derby shoes would be perfect choice to finish off the look.

Plum + black

plumBlack is a great choice to be combined with the plum suit look. For a formal choice you can style the boys plum velvet suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. The 3 piece boys suit is a perfect choice for a person who likes to stand out from the rest of the crowd but in a subtle way. Since the color is a dark one you can even style the boys plum suit vest with other garments too. For a much more casual winter look you can style the boys plum suit blazer with a white long sleeve shirt and black dress pants.

Patterned plum suits

Patterns are usually something we avoid especially on suits but once you try the style you get used to it. Boys plum pinstripe suits are our first recommendation for any subtle dresser. But when you want a more pronounced look then you can go with the plum check suit jacket or the boys plaid plum suit.