Boys Lavender Suit

Boys Lavender Suit

Boys suitIt is no news that the menswear is expanding its horizon than being stuck with the navy and grey. Though still most men are being wary of extreme ones like pink and yellow, it is surprising to see how much the boys lavender suits and boys purple suits have managed to capture the hearts of men despite all the odds. Lavender is indeed a pretty color but men have the tendency to run on the opposite side of pretty when it comes to formal garments. We instead would stick with the boring greys and navys but Lavender suits have put a crack on this barrier and we are indeed rejoicing.

For people who are confused on why we are addressing purple and lavender as two different colors – here is the news. Purple and lavender might belong to the same family but they have a different look to offer. Lavender is a lighter shade of purple and it is named after the flower which comes in the same color. This light pinkish purple shade is said to symbolise purity, devotion and love. Also Lavender is a cool shade thus giving your outfit a laid back and tranquil look.

Now all that boys suits symbolise seem to be on the opposite side of what we have termed as masculine look and this is the reason why most men hesitate on trying out the lavender suits or the pink suits. But we are now happy to see that men have risen above these preconceived notions of masculinity and try out new styles without putting too much pressure on a mere garment. Lavender suits boys would be a great look for the summer and spring events. In these bright seasons we often get invitations for the casual events and this would be perfect places to style the lavender suits for. Even if you are not ready to wear it to your office you can definitely pull off the lavender linen suits boys for these casual events. But if you love the style and would want a boys lavender business suit in your wardrobe you have the option of going with the dark boys lavender suit since the darker colors are considered to be more formal.

Here are some ideas about styling the lavender suits since it might deter the starters to go through the different styles and also to select the combining garments without any guidance. We have put together some of the lavender suit outfits and also some separates which we think were awesome.

  1. Formal for seasoned dressers

 lavender suitIf you are quite taken with the lavender suit style then you would want to try it for the formal events you attend. But Lavender being a light shade it might be hard to find the right type of style for achieving this formal outfit. Here are our recommendations on this take. If it is a dinner event and you want to look perfect then you can go with the lavender 3 piece suit.

The 3 piece suits are not as common as the lavender 2 piece suits and thus you will be sure to make a fashion statement. Also the boys lavender suit vest would give you a nice fitting look. But if you want to deliver a sophisticated and rich look then you can choose to go with the boys lavender velvet suit. Lavender is a rich color and thus when paired with velvet will give you an awesome look which you can make work for the special occasions like prom and weddings.

  1. Lavender smart casual look

 suitIf you are done with the usual and formal styling of the boys suits and want a more stylish and comfortable look then you will have to go with the smart casual styling. For a modern and refined outfit you can style the lavender color suit with a navy dress shirt and light blue print pocket square. To easily inject a look of casual stylishness to the outfit add with it navy socks and black leather double monks.

Another obvious way to escape the repetitiveness of the plain suit styles is to try the patterned lavender suits. For a classic but eye catching look you should try styling the boys lavender pinstripe suit with a white dress shirt and black tie. The black formal oxford shoes would be too much of a banker style despite the lighter color and thus instead of it you can go with the black leather loafers. Have you become more bold with your knowledge in the boys lavender suits? Then move on to the bolder prints on it like the boys lavender plaid suits. A plaid lavender suit paired with a white dress shirt and black tie would be a perfect look and when added with a pair of brown leather tassel loafers your outfit would become GQ worthy.

  1. Casual for beginners

 lavender Are you the sweet starter who is still contemplating whether to take the lavender suits home from the store? Then worry not since you have a lot of styling options for it. One of our favorite outfit look is to go with the tonal styling of the boys suits. For this you can style the boys lavender jacket suit with a purple dress shirt and then purple velvet loafers. Or you can alternate the purple dress shirt with a light pink dress shirt or a blue one.

Other than this you can also style the boys lavender suit jacket as separates when you don’t feel like going with the full suit. For example if you are looking for a casual summer style you can style the lavender seersucker suit jacket with a light blue dress shirt and dark blue jeans. For a stylish boys lavender prom suit look you can style the velvet lavender suit jacket with a black silk dress shirt and black dress pants.