Boys Khaki Suit

Boys Khaki Suit

Camel Khaki 2 Button SuitsAre you thinking of upgrading your summer wardrobe? Then you should definitely consider going with the boys khaki suits since it is all the rage in recent times. The light color of the khaki suits in itself provide a laid back and summery vibe which would help you relax from your usual uptight choices like the navy blue suits and charcoal gray suits.

Boys suits have a long history with the menswear for almost a century. Khaki color is believed to have originated from India. When the British ruled over the country they noticed that the Indians wore this color and this matched the terrain of the land instead of the bright blues and reds. Thus England army was soon to adopt the style and this helped a great deal when the fighting style shifted to guns and trenches from one on one combat. The soldiers easily blended in the trenches because of the mud color shade of the khaki uniforms and since then armies all over the world adopted this color for their soldier’s uniforms.

Boys Two Buttons Khaki SuitAll though this was a beloved color for the armies it soon became a style favorite for the citizens. The color is too neutral and pretty to leave it to the armies but another thing is that at those times the military styles became widely famous among the civilians. Thus soon the khaki color was adopted for the garments like suits and coats. If you are a person who have stuck with the conventional shades of suits for a long time but want to try something new for a change then our choice for you would be the neutral boys suits.

Boys suits would be perfect for ten summer and spring events because of its lighter shade. Thus while purchasing the khaki suits make sure to go with the lightweight styles like the cotton and linen fabric. Also there are different shades available and depending on your need you can make the pick. After you choose these details according to your need the next aspect that you need to focus on is the styling of the khaki suits boys.

Full khaki suits

Nowadays the workplaces have relaxed the dress codes to a great deal and thus the khaki suits would be a good summer work wear. If you are styling the garment for your office day then you should go with the formal look. For this you can go with the 3 piece Khaki suit style since they are considered more formal than the 2 piece styles.

For the complete outfit breakdown you can style the khaki suit with a boys khaki boys suit vest, white dress shirt and a multicolored striped tie. To aid the summer look of the outfit you can add with it brown wool hat and a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes.

Though the boys suit style would work for the formal events it would look the best for the semi formal and casual events. Summer is a season when we get invitations for a lot of these events like outdoor weddings and parties. For a simple party look you can style the boys khaki summer suit with a white crew neck t-shirt. To maintain the casual and laid back look add with it white leather low top sneakers. Need more color to your Khaki suit outfit Orange pairs well with the color and thus you can swap the white t-shirt in the above ensemble with a orange crew neck t-shirt. This will also give you a toned look which screams trendy.

Khaki suit pants

For people who still feel self conscious about the light colored suit style then styling them as separates would help. Khaki pants would be a great choice since they have been popular for a long time among men. You can style the boys khaki suit pants for both formal and casual outfits.

For a smart casual style that would give you a awesome look for your off duty day then you can style the boys khaki seersucker suit pants with a grey crew neck t-shirt and a olive green field jacket. Instead of your usual black formal shoes you can add some stylishness by going with the black leather Chelsea boots. If you are styling the garment for a slightly chilly day then you can style the boys khaki pinstripe suit pants with a burgundy turtleneck and then a camel plaid overcoat. For a casual yet stylish daily style which can easily work for a weekend party you can style the boys khaki suit pants with a simple black dress shirt. Black leather loafers would help you get a dressed up look with the ensemble

Khaki suit jacket

Boys khaki suit jacket is an easy garment to style and would help you get used to the look. For a winter look that is experimental and stylish you can style the khaki double breasted suit jacket with s white turtleneck and a pair of white chinos. Complementing the outfit with dark brown overcoat and dark brown derby shoes would be a great choice.

For a standard work wear type look you can style the khaki boys suit jacket with a grey dress shirt, black tie and black dress pants. Usually people go with the formal shoes for these outfits like the Oxfords but when you want to get the wow factor then we would recommend you to go with dark brown leather brogues.

If you are looking for style that is to be worn outside of the formal events then you can style the best boys khaki suit jacket with the casual garments. For a smart and confident look you can style the khaki groomsmen suit jacket with a white dress shirt and light blue jeans. Cognac dress shoes is one of our favorite recommendations to finish off this look. For a dashing and stylish look you can style the boys khaki suit jacket with a black dress shirt and black dress pants.