Boys Green Blazer

Boys Green Blazer

Boys blazerDo you like to try out new styles? Are you bored with the usual choices that you make for the work wear? Then we have a suggestion for you which can relieve you of your boredom – boys green blazers. Green is not a color that is usually on our list when purchasing for the formal garments like suits and blazers. But recently there has been a surge in the use of green in menswear and we see it as a green light for fashion (smooth right!!). Thus it is time for you to try out the style for yourself since it would provide you with new ideas to improve your fashion sense. In this article we discuss about green blazers and some of the best ways in which you can make the garment work for you.

While green is on the list of the most underrated colors in menswear it does not mean that it has not been there. We have been long obsessed with green but not in the upright way. For example we all might have atleast one of the military green garments in our wardrobe since we consider it cool. Thus the take over of green was inevitable and long overdue. The fashion designers and the celebrities are obsessed with the color and rightly so. This has showcased us the potential of the green garments and so far the ideas are promising. Thus we suggest you to jump into the boys green blazer trend while it is at the all time high.

When we talk about green do not immediately imagine the bright shades . There are a lot more shades than that basic shade of green and exploring can do you good. Choosing the right shade would provide you with a versatile garment that could get you through for even the formal events. As for our recommendation we would recommend you to stick with the dark green blazer dress especially if you are trying out the green style for the first time. Dark shades of green give out a subtle and classic look making it possible for you to style them for the formal events too. This way you would be resulted with a versatile outfit and the options are endless. But if you are looking for a casual style that you can wear for the fun events then you can choose to go with the lighter shades of boys green blazer. For example people usually go with the lighter colors for the bright months and thus if you are purchasing summer blazers then you should consider the lighter shades. But remember that they can be attention grabbing and thus you need to wear them confidently.

 green blazerAs for the fabric of the garment choose it while keeping mind the season at which you are styling and also the event for which you are styling the outfit. For example if it is for work then formal green blazer coat in wool or cotton would do. But if you are looking for a more casual style that you can wear for the summer parties and such then green linen blazers or green seersucker blazers would be the right choices. Another choice you should consider especially with green is the luxurious styles. While the silk and velvet fabrics look good in any color they look exceptionally great when in green. Thus if you are looking to style the garment for a special occasion like your wedding or such then you can choose to go with dark shades of green velvet blazer or silk blazer and style it with appropriate combining garments.

If you are looking for styling ideas then we are here to provide you with some. Go through the listed ideas and then evaluate them to find the one which would work for you.

Formal green blazer outfits

 blazerIf you are thinking about styling the boys green blazer for your office then you should consider styling it with the formal garments. Keep the outfit simple and let the blazer be the main element of your outfit. For example you can style the green blazer jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of navy blue dress pants. To ramp up the style you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather loafers.

If you are styling the outfit for a summer day then you can add a little more colors to the outfit. For example you can choose to style the slimfit boys green blazer with a white dress shirt, black print tie and a pair of beige dress pants. While there are a lot of ways to complete this outfit a pair of brown leather double monks might stylishly do the job.

Smart casual green blazer outfits

 green Smart casual is the way to go for the people who are trying out this style for the first time and also are quite hesitant about the look. Most offices have now relaxed their dress codes to the smart casual side and thus you have a lot of options to decide your outfit.

For a simple yet cool look you can style the green plaid blazer with a white dress shirt, dark green crew neck sweater and pair of grey chinos. A pair of burgundy leather loafers is our recommendation for rounding off this style. If you like tonal outfits then you can style the mid green boys blazer with a white dress shirt and a pair of dark green slacks. Black leather horse bit loafers when added to the outfit can give it a classy look.

Casual green blazer outfits

Boys green Blue and green looks great with each other and you can use this to your advantage. For a stylish off duty look you can style the double breasted green blazer with navy blue shirt and a pair of navy jeans. If you are attending a party then you can go with styling the green glitter blazer with a black dress shirt and black skinny jeans.