Boys corduroy Blazer

Boys corduroy Blazer

Boys blazerWhen we talk about mens suits or blazers fabric the names that get mentioned often are wool, cotton and sometimes linen too. These are the usual fabrics that we have get used to and feel comfortable in. But there are numerous other fabrics to explore and we have a recommendation for you today. Boys corduroy blazers is constantly gaining attention in the fashion world and thus is a worthy style to add to your wardrobe collection even in 2021. Instead of sticking with the styles that you have been used to step out of the bubble now and then to try out new styles. In this article we will talk about boys blazers and some of the best ways in which you can make use of it given you decide to try out the style.

Most men would have a flashback of the 1970s when they first hear the corduroy blazers mentioned but believe us when we say that the style has evolved and become a latest sensation. The corduroy blazers have attained the classic status and thus you would not look dated in the boys corduroy blazer outfit. If you are looking for a break from the usual look then you should think of trying out this style.

 corduroy blazerFor people who are new to this style and do not have much idea of what we are talking about then here is the explanation for you. Corduroy is essentially a fabric that has an unique texture to it which comes because of the raised cord or wale present on it. The modern corduroy blazers come with the composed or tuffed cords and sometimes there are even channels present in between the tuffs. The main characteristic of corduroy is that the fabric is durable. The corduroy fabric was first used for the making of the trousers and jackets but later was used for the blazers and shirts too. Corduroy is considered to be a British country fabric even though they were originally used by the townspeople who wore them while working in the industries. Corduroy fabric is not a new fabric by any means since they seem to be existing since the 18th century.

There are different types in corduroy fabric and each style might change the type of look that the garment offers. Go through the corduroy blazer boys available in the market and then after knowing your choices pick out the one that suits you best. Corduroy blazers might be a relatively new style for some people and thus you might be lost on the styling aspects of the garment. Thus we have compiled some tips for the picking out and styling of the corduroy blazers and we hope that this would help you.

Think about the wales

Boys corduroy blazerAs we have mentioned before there are ribs on the corduroy fabric and these are commonly known as wales. These can be thick or thin and you can choose the one that suits you. For example if you are looking for a vintage style that will make your garment stand out from your other usual wool suits and blazers then we would suggest you to go with corduroy blazer jacket that comes with the thick ribs on it. On the other hand if you are trying out the style for the first time and thus want to keep things simple and sophisticated then you can choose to go with the corduroy blazer dress with thinner wales on it. These blazers with thinner wales are also known as pincord blazers or pinwale blazers.

Do not add bulk

As corduroy in itself is a heavy material it is not recommended to add other heavy combining garments to the outfit since it would make you look too bulky. Thus choose to go with the lightweight garments that will let your body keep cool. For example if you are choosing to wear the corduroy coat blazer that day instead of pairing with it a thick wool sweater it might be better for you to settle with a simple crew neck t-shirt or a lightweight sweater.

Other than this make sure that you get the right fit of the boys blazer. Going with the blazers that are too large for your size might add bulk and ruin the whole outfit. Corduroy blazer slimfit is the one that is most recommended given the natural bulk of the garment. This should especially be noted if you are thinking about trying out the corduroy suit look.

Try smart casual looks

 blazerCorduroy might be becoming popular in the recent times but still it is considered to be a country fabric. Thus it might be better for you to stick styling the garment for the semi formal and casual events instead of the formal ones. Try smart casual styling of the garment since it is easier to pull it off. For example you can style the corduroy long blazer with a blue chambray dress shirt and a simple tie. Instead of going with the dress pants you can add with the outfit a pair of denim or jeans. If you feel that the jeans is not working for you then you can try going with the cnos.

Try changing up the colors

The tuffs on the corduroy blazer offer it a rich and deep look making the colors look good on it. Usually when we purchase for blazers we would go with the classic choices of black or navy blazers. Black and navy corduroy blazers are also considered to be classic but remember that you are going to style it for the casual events too. Thus we would suggest you to try out different colors for the boys Corduroy fashion blazers that we wouldn’t normally pick. You can also try going with the corduroy printed blazer since it would be a cool style. Corduroy is a style that suits all and thus try choosing toddler corduroy blazer while doing winter shopping for your child.