Boys Burgundy Suit

Boys Burgundy Suit

Boys suitIf there is one color you would allow the popular fashion designers to live with for a whole year, they no doubt will go with burgundy. Boys burgundy suits have been dominating the trending charts for years now but still the style is going nowhere in the near future. All our favorite fashion designers and celebrities are in love with the style and thus we are here to introduce it to you.

Our favorite thing about the boys suits is that they are the styles that are not only suited for the runways but also for a casual office day. Thus you do not have to be too intimidated by the look and try it at your pace. Since burgundy is a dark shade of red it works for almost all events. Red is not a usual color of choice for most men and burgundy comes to break it. The look of your boys burgundy suit outfit depends on how best to you style it and your choice of the combining garments. This is where we come into picture since we are here to help you find the style that would suit you. Also we have some details on the burgundy suit outfits rocked by the fashion celebrities from which you can take inspiration from.

First on decide on the nature of the event that you attend the most and where you are likely to wear the burgundy suits. If the answer turns up with a list of most formal events then go with the dark Burgundy suits that usually come with the dominant brown shade. This will get you through almost any formal event sometimes even the black tie events. But if you are a person who takes out the suits for more casual and fun events like parties then give your wardrobe a lively boost with the brighter shades of the boys suits.

Now here are some of the celebrity burgundy suits that impressed us a great deal and thus we want to share it with you. For quite some time the red carpets and award events have become like a burgundy suit club with almost any celebrity with a sliver of interest in fashion trying out the trending look. Thus we have material that could probably last for three more articles but we will try to deliver some of the best.

Aml Ameen’s formal look

 burgundy suitIf you are looking for a formal style that would pass as a legitimate groom attire you can go with Aml Ameen’s burgundy suit look. The British actor came dressed in a burgundy slimfit suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and a maroon floral tie. He brought the whole outfit together by adding black leather Oxford shoes to the mix.

Some of the other formal burgundy suit looks that are similar to Aml Ameen’s look are mentioned below. If you want to take the black tie attire seriously then you can go with the burgundy velvet suit jacket and then pair it with white tuxedo shirt and a velvet black bow tie. To maintain the stylish and trendy look you can add velvet Burgundy loafers. But if you are fretting with a work wear outfit and want to incorporate burgundy into it then we would recommend you to try going with styling the burgundy suit as separates. For example burgundy business suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt, black tie and black dress pants is a foolproof look which you can complete with black leather Oxford shoes.

Burgundy 3 piece suit is also another style that it perfect for the formal events. You can also style the boys burgundy suit vest with other styles of the suits too.

Rami Malek’s dapper guy style

 suitRami malek has always been one of the best dressed stars even when he is not attending an event. But when the bohemian rhapsody actor stepped out in a burgundy fitted suit with a white polo shirt and white canvas low top sneakers it was the ultimate confident look that many men aim for. Rami malek along with this perfect outfit and dark shades definitely turned heads.

If you are aiming of this type of casual elegance you will have to let go of the inhibitions and be open to try out new looks. For example our first choice when styling the boys suits is to go with a white dress shirt and be done with it. But if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd with your outfit style then you will have to put some more thought into alternative styles. For example if you are styling the garment for a summer event then you can style the cotton Burgundy color suit with a light blue striped dress shirt and complement the look with navy suede tassel loafers. For the summer days you should go with the lightweight styles like linen boys burgundy dinner suits or the seersucker boys suits. For a smart and stylish look you can instead go with styling the boys burgundy corduroy suit with a black crew neck t-shirt and then a pair of black canvas sneakers.

Sam Rockwell’s weekend style

Boys burgundy suitSam Rockwell when he attended a talk show went all casual by pairing burgundy prom suit with a printed casual shirt. Other than this you can also swap the look which is styling the patterned burgundy suit boys with solid shirts. Burgundy plaid suit and burgundy check suit are some of the best recommendations when you want a cool look.

With the burgundy suits becoming a common style soon it can join the list of the navy suits and charcoal gray suits but without the boring factor. Thus if you are already used to this look and would want to try this look for casual and fun parties then you are at luck since burgundy suits pairs exceptionally well with all garments.