Boys Blue Suit

Boys Blue Suit

Mens Royal ~ Indigo ~ Bright Blue ~ Cobalt New Blue 2 Button Vested Dress Suits for Men 1Blue suits are one of the most popular styles in menswear but they are not getting the hype that they deserve. When we think of boys blue suits we imagine a boring workday and this should not be the case. There is much more to the blue suits than the Monday mornings and the celebrities have realised this. Though you might notice a lot of Burgundy and purple suits on the runways and on the closer glance you might notice that there is a separate fan base to the boys suits and the comfort that comes with it has kept it afloat. Thus instead of restricting the blue suits for the work related events try styling them differently for other events too.

Another thing that has doomed the blue suits to the boring pit is because of the fact that most men cannot think anything outside of the navy blue suits.There are numerous shades available in blue suits boys and make sure to push your boundaries with these shades. We are here to help though it might be ridiculous to think that the men need help with the styling of the blue suits.

Men's Fifty Shades Dark Navy Blue Suit For Men Darker Notch Lapel 1 Button Suit 1We’ll start from the most formal styles you can find since we want to showcase the versatility of the boys suits. If you enjoy watching the award events as much as us then you might have noticed the shift in the dressing of the male celebrities. For a long time men stuck with the safer side of the black tuxedos when the women were stretching the fashion boundaries left and right. But from the start of this century we have seen some men taking risks that would have made their predecessors faint on the first glance.

One of the lesser shocking changes in the traditional dressing attire of men for these events is that of the celebrities shifting to the blue tuxedo suits from the black tuxedos. Though the blue tuxedos are obviously more casual than the black tuxedos these celebrities looked no less perfect when walking the red carpet. This takes us back on a flashback when for a small period of time the midnight blue tuxedos replaced the black tuxedos in the 19th century. Men reasoned this change stating that the midnight blue tuxedos looked much more brilliant and stylish under both artificial and natural light when compared to the dull black tuxedos. The shift is again happening but this time it looks like it’s gonna stay.

Tye Sheridan

Here we share with you some of the best blue suit celebrity styles that has impressed us in the past. When actor TyeSheridan attention the Joe screening in the new York city he looked perfect in the boys blue slimfit suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and a navy tie. Black leather Oxford shoes perfectly captured the appeal of the blue suit with black shoes combination.

Michael J. Willett

This is much more of a casual look for the red carpet but the actor pulled it off for the MTV movie award show that was held in Los Angeles. He simply paired the boys blue skinny fit suit with a blue polka dot shirt and then completed the boys blue suit outfit with a pair of black sequin leather shoes.

Gavin Creel
Our next recommendation is much more formal. Actor Gavin Creel captured all our hearts when he posed jumping mid air in a boys blue dinner suit jacket that was paired with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and black dress pants. He was named the best actor in Britain’s Olivier awards and he looked stunning with the complementing pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

David Hasselhoff

If you are a person who has traversed through your younger days and would want a comfortable clothing then the slimfit suits and skinny fit suits would not be to your liking. In that case you can take inspiration from David Hasselhoff’s MTV movie awards outfit. He appeared on the red carpet in a classic fit boys blue suit (even though we might argue that he needs a new tailor) which he paired with a black dress shirt. He atleast completed the outfit perfectly by adding a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

Johnny Depp

This would be a perfect example of how creative you can get with the boys suits. When Johnny Depp showed up in Los Angeles for the premiere of his film transcendence he wore a polka dot boys blue suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt and a black solid vest. The boys 3 piece blue suit is a more formal look than the usual 2 piece boys blue suits and when worn by a man like Johnny Depp it definitely becomes a awe worthy style. For extra style points you can follow Johnny with the blue sunglasses and black leather shoes

LL cool J

This man is well known for his distinct outfit choices. For the Annual academy of country awards he showed up in a velvet blue suit jacket that he paired with a black dress shirt, black silk tie and black dress pants. Though this is a style that can be beautifully pulled off make sure that you go with the right shade and fit unlike messing it up like LL cool J.

Drake bell

Another style that has become greatly famous among the celebrities recently is the baby blue suits.Drake bell did not hesitate to jump into the trend when he dressed for the annual kid’s choice awards. He went with a boys blue linen suit that he paired with a white dress shirt, multicolored floral tie and then completed the look with white canvas low top sneakers. For the MTV movie awards he came dressed in a boys blue suit jacket paired with a pink dress shirt, grey dress pants and the same multi colored floral tie.