Boys Blazer

Boys Blazer

Single Breasted Gold Color BlazerDressing a child might be an easy thing to hear but the process is harder than you think. There are factors that you should consider which you would have not given much thought about before. This becomes still harder when you dress the child for a formal event. When a child is always used to t-shirt and shorts it might be a hard job to convince him to wear a blazer or suit. In this article we discuss about boys blazers and the things you should consider while purchasing them for your child.

In recent times there aren't many events that strictly require the children to be in suits or blazers. It is more of a personal preference but rather than doing it because of the rule it gives your child an opportunity to get used to the formal clothing that he normally doesn't get to wear on a daily basis. Children are used to comfortable clothing and introducing a different clothing like suits and blazers to them suddenly might meet with some resistance. Thus you can take the opportunity of family weddings and special occasions like Christmas and such for them to get used to the clothing. It is a known fact that they are going to look incredible in the clothing and once they realise this and with the compliments the process of dressing them in blazers and other formal garments will get easier with time.

Alberto Nardoni Trendy Unique Prom Tuxedo Blazers Sparkly Floral Trendy Unique Prom Blazers Sparkly Floral ~ Flower Two Toned Available Big Sizes Lime Green + Matching Bow Tie 1The importance of letting the children dress on their own is constantly being advocated by both fashion enthusiasts and experts in psychology. Letting them choose their own garments and introducing new styles for them to try out can help them develop their own sense of style in the later years. When they get to a certain age you can let them choose their own garments and also let them put in on by their own. This will help nurture creativity and build independence which can play a major role in developing the personality of the child.

There are some major things that you should note while getting the blazers for your child. If it is a new style for your child help them pick out the best and it will help a great deal of you take them along when you are shopping for it. While you are shopping for the blazers you can also get your own blazer. This will help a great deal for your child to choose since the children look on to their parent as their role model. The process will take a little while longer but it is worth the time you spend on it.

Mens Green Velvet BlazerWhen it comes to blazers the first thing that you will have to note is the comfort of the child wearing the garment. We grown ups tend to manage a day with uncomfortable clothing as a sacrifice to looking great but this will not be the case with children. They consider comfort to the most important factor than to looking good. Hence you will definitely be dealing with a cranky child or a child who magically lost his uncomfortable blazer. Thus make sure that you get comfortable blazer that your child will be good to wear.

As for the comfort the main thing that affects it most is the fabric from which the boys blazers are made from. To select the fabric of the blazers you should consider the type of event that you are attending and the climate at which the event is to be held in. For example it is a formal event then you can go with wool boys blazers. These are the best for winters and the slightly cooler days since they are breathable and can keep the wearer comfortable. A gray wool boys blazer with navy plaid long sleeve shirt and dark brown jeans is a fashionable look for your little one. You can complete the ensemble with a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots.

Men's Blue Linen Two Button Notch Lapel Cheap Priced Designer Fashion Dress Casual Blazer For Men On Sale Side Vent Jacket Sportcoat Blazer 1If you are looking for a blazer that you can dress your child in for the semi formal summer event you can opt to go with linen blazers. Linen is a great summer material with excellent breathability and moisture absorption characteristics. Hence the danger of cranky child due to sweating can be easily eliminated with linen blazers. A light blue linen blazer with a plaid shirt and his favorite pair of jeans will be a good look when you need a trendy look. You can also go with cotton blazers and seersucker blazers when you need comfortable summer setting for your child.

Other than this you can try out the silk blazers and velvet blazers when you need you child to stand out among the crowd. A gray velvet boys paired with a black and white print t-shirt, charcoal jeans and white sneakers is a cute look for your child. A silk boys paired with a paisley shirt and dress pants is a great look when you need a dressy style. Synthetic fabrics are usually not recommended for the children since they are less breathable and can be a little uncomfortable to wear when compared with the natural fabrics. Polyester boys and rayon boys are best recommended for children of more than 12 years of age.

Two Button With Elbow Patch sleeve Light Blue Mens Linen Summer Suit or Blazer or Sportcoat 1As for the style of the boys blazers it is best to go with single breasted blazers. It is unlikely that you are going to get an array of blazers for your child given that there aren't many events that require him to wear blazers. Therefore the logical choice is to get a blazer or two and style it in different ways to get the most of it. In these cases single breasted boys are the best since it is the most versatile style. You can style the single breasted boys as both formal and casual style. Double breasted boys are best for formal look like board meetings and such. Thus it is not much recommended for children of smaller age.

An unstructured single breasted blazer can be the best style to ease your boy into when you first introduce them to formal clothing. These blazers are lightweight without any heavy lining and thus can be easier to wear. A beige single breasted blazer paired with white and black striped t-shirt and blue jeans is an adorable way to dress your child. For a dressier look you can pair the single breasted blazer with a dress shirt, crew neck sweater and dress pants. With the small ones dressing may not always go in the planned way and thus having a versatile style like single breasted blazer can save you from the panic when the plan changes a little.

Men's Extra Long & Regular Size 100% Gabardine Wool Fabric Blazer & Sport coat with Silver brass buttons Dark Navy 1The details on the blazers like the lapels and the number of buttons should be carefully selected by you since the little ones do not mind the details much. For a formal look like for weddings and family gatherings you can opt to go with peak lapel blazers while the notch lapel blazers is for casual use. Shawl lapel blazers can be selected when you need a dressy style for your child.

A charcoal peak lapel blazer paired with navy print polo, charcoal sweatpants and black boots is a subtle style in which you can dress your child in for formal events. For a little more casual style you can pair the navy notch lapel blazer with a light blue long sleeve shirt and dark purple trousers. A charcoal shawl lapel blazer paired with light blue long sleeve dress shirt, navy bow tie and white trousers is a classy look that can easily earn him the spot of flower boy in a summer wedding. As for the number of buttons on the blazer it is best to go with single button style. The single button blazer will perfectly balance the short body stature of the small ones thus in turn creating an adorable look.

Boys Single Breasted Purple BlazerThe 3 piece blazer look is recommended for formal and dressy events like weddings and such. A charcoal blazer with white plaid long sleeve shirt, charcoal sweater and charcoal trousers is a perfectly coordinated three piece blazer look that you can dress your child in for formal events like Christmas and winter weddings. The layered look of the three piece blazers can be a good choice for winter since they can to some degree ward off the cold. But for summer events and weddings it is best to go with 2 piece blazer look. A navy blazer with a light blue long sleeve shirt, navy trousers and burgundy bow tie is a enviable style for your child. Complete the cute look with a pair of matching navy and white sneakers. Go with linen or cotton 2 piece blazer look so that your child will not feel uncomfortable in the clothing.

As for the colors of the blazers this is the easiest factor to let your children involve in the purchasing. Children can develop a liking to colors easily rather than considering the liking for materials and the details like buttons and lapels. Take your child along while shopping and let them pick out the colors of blazers or guide them through it. You will not need to restrict much since children can pull off styles that cannot even be considered by the adults. Don't hesitate to go with brighter colors in blazer for your child that you would not choose for yourself.

Men's Sportcoat Two Buttons Cheap Priced Designer Fashion Dress Casual Blazer On Sale Wool & Linen Bright Blue Slim Fit Blazer 1As for some styling tips for blazers here are some recommendations that we think can help you and your little one in the dressing process. A brown blazer paired with dark purple sweater, dark purple long sleeve shirt and brown jeans is a neat stylish look for your child. For a still more stylish look you can go with a tan blazer with white long sleeve dress shirt, black sweater and blue jeans. You can complete the look with a pair of brown loafers. Introducing the usual styles like blue jeans and crew neck t-shirts with the blazer can make your child adapt to the formal garments much faster.

A gray blazer with a white long sleeve t-shirt and gray sweatpants is a nice fashion option for your little one. You can slightly hike up the sleeves of the shirt and blazer and add with it a pair of brown boots and gray beanie for a stylish look. Other than this for a savvy look you can pair a burgundy blazer with a navy polo and tan trousers. To finish off the ensemble you can add a pair of navy boat shoes.

Mens 2 Button Brown BlazerOther than the dark colors like navy, charcoal and black you can try dressing up your child in lighter and brighter colors. A light pink blazer paired with light blue long sleeve shirt, light pink trousers and navy sneakers is a lovely summer look for your child. For a still more casual and easy to wear look you can pair the mint green blazer with navy printed t-shirt, mint green shirts and blue sneakers.

Other than the solid blazer style you can go with patterned choices. A light blue striped blazer with a white button down shirt and white shorts is a cool laid back yet stylish look. Other than this you can also go with printed blazers, polka dot blazer and others which your child will be fascinated to be in. As for the fit of the blazers you should go with well fitting ones rather going with loose fits or too tight fits. Slim fit blazers and classic fit blazers are the ones that are most recommended for a proper and stylish look of your child.