3 Piece Vested Suit

3 piece vested suit

Mens Cobalt Indigo Bright Blue teal Denim Tuxedo 3 Piece Suit 1You would have read articles saying that the 3 piece vested suit style is dead. But let us tell you the truth that it is very much alive and in fact it is gaining popularity among men in a steady pace. Thus if you are a fashion enthusiast it might be time that you add a boys vested suits to your suit collection. This is one of the classic and timeless look which can make you look dressed up without much of an effort. You can also go with this traditional look for the special occasions thus gaining you an outfit that would save you for these events. Now some would consider the boys vested suits to be boring but the thing is that they aren’t used much and thus there isn’t much awareness in what you could achieve with this suit. Thus we are here to help you dress up in the boys 3 vested piece suits and convince you to add it permanently in your collection.

If you have worn a boys 3 piecesuit then you might have already known that it is in most ways Superior than the usual 2 piece suit styles starting from the look that it offers to many others. Thus most people who have tried the 3 piece suit vest look would prefer it more giving it more advantage. The reason behind this elevated look is because of the addition of the vest. This simple piece might not look like a big addition but it instantly ramps up the look and makes you look like a person who carefully picks out his outfit.

The vest is the most fitting piece in men's wear and thus would give you a fashionable look. Thus when you go with the boys suit make sure that you focus on the 3 piece suit vest fit.The vest should fit you close to the body but that should not restrict your movements too much. The slim fit vest is the one that is usually recommended but you can choose the one that would suit your body type the best. As for the boys 3 piece suit we would recommend you to go with the custom made men's 3 piece vested suit but it can get expensive. If you aren’t ready to spend too much on the suit then go with off the rack choices. Slim fit boys 3 piece suits and classic fit boys 3 piece suits would be great choices to make yourself look the best. Just make sure that the suit is fitted for you and makes you look flattering. Other than this you should also check the 3 piece suit vest length and also the length of the 3 piece suit boys jacket so that it matches you height.

Where to wear the 3 piece vested suits?

Men's Double Breasted Blue Denim 2 Pc Lapel Dress Tuxedo Wedding Vest Waistcoat Waist coat and Pants Casual Two Piece Walking Outfit For Sale Pant Sets Package Suit 1The main thing here is even when gents love the 3 piece suit look it is hard to decide when to wear it. The boys 3 piece vest will add a layer of sophistication and fineness to your outfit and thus is more classy than the regular 2 piece suits. Thus instead of for regular use reserve the boys suits for the special occasions. You can also wear the 3 piece suits on the regular basis but know that you are going to look like the CEO of a company or the one conducting an important meeting.

As for the events where the boys 3 piece suit would be appropriate we want to make it easier for you. If you see any events where wearing tuxedos is considered best then you can also wear 3 piece suits there since it is considered to be more formal than the 2 piece suits. Other than this you can also wear the boys vested suits for the events where you don’t mind being the center of attention.

Here are some events where you can and cannot wear the boys vested suits. We hope that this can help you know the difference and thus make you more confident in trying out the style.

  1. 3 piece suits for wedding

Men's Unique Blue Artistic Stripe Pinstripe 2 Button Vested 3 Piece Fashion Suit Trimmed Pleated Pants Fashion Tuxedo For Men 1Statistically it would be in the weddings where you would have most spotted the 3 piece suits. This is because of the fact that for the formal weddings there isn’t a better choice than the 3 piece vested suit. But be careful in the outfit that you choose and according to the role of yours in the wedding.

For example if you are the groom for the wedding then you have the permission to go with the most flashy look for the outfit. Designer 3 piece suit would be a good look for the groom attire. You can also choose to go with the brighter colors too that you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself got regular use. Burgundy 3 piece suit or emerald green vested suit would be a great look for these events. But if you are the groomsmen or the guest it would be best to avoid the 3 piece suit style unless the groom is going with a superior look like a tuxedo.

  1. 3 piece vested suit for office

Mens Prom / Wedding Black Trimmed Tuxedo Vested 3 Piece Suits Peak Lapel + Color 1As we have mentioned before the boys 3 piece suit style gives a more noticeable look and you can utilize it. For example if you are dressing for an important meeting or you are in a management position then you can go with the formal choice like the grey vested 3 piece suits.

Usually we would recommend you to go with the same color vest but you can also choose to go with the contrasting 3 piece suit vest color when you want a more casual look. Other than this it would be better if you avoid wearing the boys suit when you are attending your interview.