3 Button Suit

3 button suit

Mens One Button Single Breasted Hot Pink ~ Fuchsia Suit 1Suits have become a vital part of every man’s wardrobe and thus we are required to have more than one suit in our wardrobes. While choosing the first suit involves a lot of excitement since it is our first formal garment the excitement wanes with every repeated picks. After some time we stop paying attention to details and choosing the suit becomes another chore. But we want you to open your eyes to one detail and that is the number of buttons on the suit. Two button suits are the most common while the boys suits have now become a rarity. The number of buttons on the suit is an easy detail to ignore and most men would just have noted the detail after this prompt.

Today we have come to convince you to try going with the boys suits since the 2 button suits have already become a boring style and thus needs some ramping up. Go check out your wardrobe and you will find all the suit jackets to have 2 buttons. You are not at fault since there aren’t many suit stores that offer boys button suits or anything other than 2 button suits. It has become a common practice now to stick with the boys 2 button suits but if you want to differ then you should definitely try out the boys button suits.

The boys suits were once the most popular styles in menswear especially during the start of the last century. But with time there were modifications that came with the fashion changes and 2 button suits became the pinnacle of fashion. Since then the trend has stuck on and no one has tried going out of it than the occasional slip ups.

Two Button Gray SuitNow we agree on the fact that the 2 button suits are the most versatile and blendable look you can ever find but what if we don’t want to blend? It is definitely tempting to go with the 2 button suits like everyone else but it does create an uniform feel. When you go with the boys button suits you make a subtle difference which is not too over the line. The difference is not only in the number of buttons but it also influenced the look and fit of the suit.

The first thing that you will note is that the deep neck of the 2 button suits is reduced with the 3 button suit jacket.The higher neck of the formal 3 button suit will offer you a more sophisticated and classy look when compared to the previous style. The men's 3 button suit style is often recommended for the tall people since it can balance out the look of the upper and lower torso for the wearer. It also can provide a coordinated look and make the wearer look slimmer making it a great choice for the men who are slightly on the bulkier side.

There are certain rules to wearing the boys suits and before delving into it here are some recommendations for you to pick the right style of the above mentioned style. The first thing to note is the fabric of the boys suits since they influence the comfort. Depending on the event you attend you can choose the right style of the boys suits.

Men's 2 Button Black Notch Lapel Slim Fit Burgundy ~ Wine ~ Maroon Color Single Breasted Suit 1We have already mentioned that the 2 button suits are the best for business use but when you want to stand out or make a claim during important events then you can choose to go with the 3 button wool suits. The wool suits provide the best drape and are the best when you need a neatly cut and formidable business suit. When you want the look to be better you can choose to go with the 3 button vested suit since they are much more formal looking than the 2 piece suits. Vested suits are also a great style for the weddings or any events where you want to grab attention.

But if you are looking for a summer outfit then the wool suits might not be a wise choice. Instead you can move on to the lightweight styles like the cotton suits when you need a formal style. For a 3 button casual suit choice we would recommend you to go with the seersucker 3 button suit or the men 's 3 button linen suits.

While these are the usual picks when styling for the special occasion go with the special choices like silk suits or velvet suits. Budget picks would include the polyester suits or the blended ones. To pick out the right one you can go through the styles available to find the one that will suit your need.

Boys Dark Black TuxedoHave you had enough with the theory about the boys suits? We would like to energize you with some of the best ideas in styling the boys suits. For a cool office outfit that will for sure gain some appreciative glances you can style the classic grey windowpane suit with a white dress shirt and black tie. Keep the classic look alive by adding a pair of black leather oxford shoes to the boys 3 button suit outfit. The patterned button suits are rarer than the plain ones and will effortlessly showcase the level of your sartorial knowledge to your peers.

If you consider the windowpane suit to be too much of a bold step then you can start off simple with the 3 button pinstripe suits. It is the best choice for a man stepping into the pattern world and would work for almost anyone. Go with the slim fit 3 button suit choice most of the time but if you feel uncomfortable then you can shift to the modern or classic fit choices.