1 Button Suit

1 Button Suit

Shiny Two Buttons Grey SuitOne thing that comes as a by-product because of working in the fashion industry is noticing the details that others usually don’t. When you guys see a star walking on the red carpet you only see that but our brains instantly supply us with information like the suit jacket is two buttoned but is not perfectly fitted and many more details like that. Thus when we say that the number of buttons on the suit matters – believe us. Boys 1 button suits are the best choice you can make for your wardrobe while upgrading it.

It might be come as a surprise for most men since most don’t pay much attention to the number of buttons on the suit jackets and the others who do pay attention will know that the 2 button suits are the most popular. 2 button suits are also the most preferred and this has made most of the brands and showrooms have only this style omitting the others. While the 2 button suits would be the usual style that you can wear to your work and such try going with the boys suits for the special occasions.

Where to wear the boys 1 button suits?

Two Button Navy Blue Suit
The boys button suits are not very common and thus would definitely make you stand out from the usual styles. As mentioned before they would provide a cool look for the special occasions since they give out a more modern and stylish look. For example if you are going with the dinner suit for the black tie events then you should think of going with the 1 button tuxedo suit. You can complete the look by adding with the suit the common styles like white tuxedo shirt and a bow tie. Other than this you can also go with the 1 button formal suits to get through these events.

Boys suits would also be a great choice for the weddings where you want to look dressed up. With these style of the suits the front of your shirt is exposed more and this would be a great look for the photos. Thus if you are looking for a groom attire then you should think of going with the 1 button 3 piece suits.The mens 1 button suit when styled along with the vest would give you a formal and dressed up look that is perfect for a groom. You can create variations for the suit along with the ones that your groomsmen wear by simply losing the vest. If your groomsmen wear 2 piece 1 button suits of the same or similar shade then it would greatly aid the coordination.

Why should I choose 1 button suits?

Three Buttons Navy Blue Suit We are not telling you to blindly trust us and you can analyze the look when you take a closer look. The boys suits first became a sensation in the 1930's and then moved on to the height of popularity in the 1960's. It was considered to be a younger generation style and was often associated with rebelliousness and was mostly reserved for the casual events. Even today the boys suits are considered to be modern and more stylish than the 2 button and 3 button suits. Here are some aesthetic details that the boys button suits offer and the reasons why you should add one of this style to your suits collection.

  1. Fits you more perfectly

2 Button Gray Pinstripe SuitWe all want our suits to fit like it was especially made for us but it is not possible to get all suits custom tailored for you. The 1 button toddler suit or mens suit come with the wide lapels which makes the viewer’s eyes travel down and the lower presence of the button also helps the wearer look slimmer. Thus the one button suits are often recommended for the taller and slightly bulkier men. If you want cool and proper style then we would recommend you to go with the 1 button slim fit suits. When you select the right type of fabric then the suit would impressively drape around you and when you get the fit also right there is nothing stopping you from looking stunning for the event you are attending.

  1. The deeper cut makes it more special

Men's Black Shawl Lapel 1 Button Classic Fit Single Breasted Burgundy ~ Wine ~ Maroon Color Suit 1The deeper V cut at the front of the 1 button jacket suit makes it look more stylish and dapper than the ones that come with the higher cut. Since it shows more of the shirt that you wear underneath the boys button suit you can try including colors and patterns into the shirts to make your outfit look more stylish. Along with this you can also go with boldly patterned ties to give your outfit a modern twist. The long cut of the floral prom suit will make you look slimmer and taller and thus are recommended for the shorter people.

Here are some examples on styling the boys suits and how you can make the look work. For a simple and formal look that you can occasionally make work even as work wear you can style the grey cotton blend 1 button suit with a white dress shirt and navy tie. To properly complement the look, a pair of black leather Oxford shoes would be a cool choice. But if you want a special look that will make you look dressed up you can style the Burgundy 1 button Paisley suit with a white dress shirt along with yellow and navy striped tie. Give it modern twist by adding with it dark brown leather tassel loafers.

For a smart casual look you can style the boys button suit with a crew neck sweater and then a pair of dark colored loafers. If you are looking for a casual summer style then think of styling the linen 1 button boys suit with a simple long sleeve dress shirt and a pair of low top sneakers.